23 News this week for management, sport

WWE 2K24 Pat McAfee DLC Pack Release Date Speculations
13 hour(s) ago - videogamer.com and 1 other sources

WWE 2K24 is set to release a Pat McAfee DLC pack, but there are speculations of a possible delay. The game already has a large roster and has received mixed reviews for its DLC packs.

Introducing Let's School: A Principal Simulation Game
1 day(s) ago - nintendoeverything.com

In Let's School, you play as a principal redesigning and managing your alma mater, with core mechanics including school construction, student and teacher dynamics, and balancing factors like reputation and student needs.

Arcade Archives FOOTBALL CHAMP Now Available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch
1 day(s) ago - cogconnected.com

Arcade Archives FOOTBALL CHAMP is now available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, allowing players to select their team, choose a star player, and compete against other teams in a series of seven matches. The game features multiplayer options, different language settings, and a high-score leaderboard.

Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Splintered Fate
2 day(s) ago - gamingtrend.com

Splintered Fate is a game that aims to keep players playing for extended periods of time, focusing more on persistence than skill. The combat system is solid and modernized, but the game can feel unfair and relies heavily on upgrades and powerups for success.

Parkitect: Deluxe Edition Brings Nostalgia but Misses the Mark
2 day(s) ago - thexboxhub.com

Parkitect: Deluxe Edition on Xbox is being touted as the old-school park builder most like Theme Park World. It brings across everything from the initial PC version, with basic and straightforward design, new DLC packs, and save issues.

Introducing Bobo Bay: A Peaceful Pet Simulation Game
5 day(s) ago - rockpapershotgun.com

The new pet simulation game Bobo Bay offers a peaceful alternative to violent video games, allowing players to customize and race cute blob creatures in a serene bay setting.

New Space Strategy Game 'The Crust' Gaining Popularity on Steam
6 day(s) ago - pcgamesn.com

The Crust, a new space strategy game taking place on the surface of the moon, is attracting a healthy player base and positive reviews on Steam, with 4,430 active players and a Mostly Positive rating based on 259 reviews.

Kaiserpunk Game Announces New Playtest with Key Updates
6 day(s) ago - pcgamesn.com

Kaiserpunk is a game that combines city-building and grand strategy in an alternative history setting of the early 20th century. A new playtest has been announced with updates including more maps, bug fixes, and optimization, promising improved performance.

New Paleo - Store Opening in Amber Isle on October 10th
6 day(s) ago - hookedgamers.com and 2 other sources

Amber Isle, a dino-centric shop management sim, is set to launch on Steam on October 10th, with a Nintendo Switch version coming soon after. Players will set up shop in a village filled with prehistoric animals and work to bring the community back to life.

Kairosoft Releases Heian City Story for iOS and Android
6 day(s) ago - pocketgamer.com and 1 other sources

Kairosoft is releasing a Japan-exclusive city-building game called Heian City Story for iOS and Android, set during the Heian period in Japan where players will build a city, govern their subjects, and defend against evil spirits.

Dwarf Fortress Publisher Not Concerned About Reaching Previous Player Counts
6 day(s) ago - gamesradar.com

Kitfox Games, the publisher of Dwarf Fortress, believes that the game will never reach the high player count it had at launch on Steam, but they are not concerned about maximizing profits and are instead focused on creating a comfortable working environment for the developers.

Officially Licensed PPA Pickleball Tour 2025 Video Game Announced
7 day(s) ago - worthplaying.com and 1 other sources

FarSight Studios is releasing PPA Pickleball Tour 2025, the first officially licensed Pickleball video game, for Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam. The game will feature popular players and various gameplay modes.