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31 News this week for survival

31 News this week for survival

Minecraft Update 2.89 Patch Notes for Bedrock Version 1.21
1 day(s) ago - mp1st.com and 3 other sources

Minecraft update 2.89, also known as Tricky Trials or Bedrock patch version 1.21, is a large update featuring new weapons, blocks, mobs, enchantments, music, and more, as well as significant changes and additions to gameplay mechanics.

New PVE Co-op Shooter Phantom Line Offers Early Demo Until June 18, 2024
1 day(s) ago - rockpapershotgun.com

Phantom Line, the PVE co-op shooter formerly known as Hornet, has an early demo available until June 18, 2024. Antistatic Studios, which includes former Cyberpunk 2077, Bioshock, and Borderlands developers, created the game where players can explore large maps and contain paranormal activities.

Omega Crafter Review: A Promising Yet Incomplete Automation Adventure
2 day(s) ago - gamegrin.com

Omega Crafter is an open-world survival automation game available on Steam Early Access, where players can use adorable robots called Grammis to automate tasks. The game focuses on innovative gameplay, basic combat mechanics, and simple coding logic.

Generation Zero Skyfire Update Adds New Endgame Boss and More
3 day(s) ago - worthplaying.com

Experience an explosive game of cat and mouse set in a vast open world in Generation Zero, where players must fight back against hostile machines in 1980's Sweden. The Skyfire Update introduces a new endgame boss, The Vulture, along with a bonus weapon and Companion Armor Kits.

Once Human Survival Game Gets Official Release Date
4 day(s) ago - droidgamers.com and 1 other sources

Once Human, a multiplayer open-world survival game set in a post-apocalyptic Earth, is set to be released on July 9, 2024. Players will face creepy creatures, build bases, and team up to survive in this harsh environment.

Survive at All Costs in Stormforge
4 day(s) ago - cogconnected.com

Stormforge is an open-world fantasy survival crafting game where players must endure harsh conditions in a procedurally generated world plagued by lethal magical storms. The game offers solo and co-op gameplay for up to 8 players, with a focus on foraging, crafting, building, and fighting enemies.

Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days - New Trailer Revealed at PC Gaming Show
5 day(s) ago - pcgamer.com

Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days is a new 2.5D sidescroller game from developer PikPok set in an outbreak in 1980 Walton City, Texas, where players must lead a group of survivors to safety while managing their needs and defending against slow, shambling zombies.

New Video Game 'Striden' Mixes Battlefield Elements in Alt-History Sweden
5 day(s) ago - pcgamer.com and 1 other sources

Striden is a new video game with a mix of Battlefield and modern extraction shooter elements, featuring alt-history setting in Sweden with classes like Assault, Engineer, Medic, Scout, and Support, and unconventional mode design with a classic server list.

Lorn Vale Announced at PC Gaming Show 2024
5 day(s) ago - gamegrin.com and 1 other sources

Lorn Vale, a pixelated free-roaming survival sandbox RPG, was announced at the PC Gaming Show 2024. Players must survive in a wasteland using various means, with each choice impacting gameplay.

Winter Burrow: A Cozy Woodland Survival Game
5 day(s) ago - worthplaying.com and 2 other sources

Winter Burrow is a cozy woodland survival game where you explore, gather resources, craft tools, knit warm sweaters, bake pies, and meet the locals. Play as a mouse who returns to their childhood burrow, finds it in ruins, and sets out to restore it while uncovering the mystery of the missing Aunt.

First Dwarf Attracts Thousands of Players During Open Tests
6 day(s) ago - gamerstemple.com

Almost 25,000 people played First Dwarf during open tests in March and April, experiencing the adventures of the dwarf Tru and his dragoness companion, Ragna. The game offers diverse gameplay combining colony survival, action RPG, city building, and tower defense elements in the realm of Driftland.

Palworld Update: New Pals, Buildings, and Level Cap Coming Soon
7 day(s) ago - videogamer.com and 4 other sources

Palworld is getting a new update with new pals, buildings, and a higher level cap on June 27th, allowing players to challenge bosses on hard mode and plunder oil rigs. Xbox will also be getting dedicated servers for the game.

Embark on an Epic Journey in Forgotten Seas
7 day(s) ago - worthplaying.com

An adventure game called Forgotten Seas is now available through Steam Early Access for $24.99. Players must craft ships, explore islands, seek treasure, and survive in the treacherous waters of the Bermuda Void.