16 News this week for dungeon-crawler

Minecraft Update 2.89 Patch Notes for Bedrock Version 1.21
1 day(s) ago - mp1st.com and 3 other sources

Minecraft update 2.89, also known as Tricky Trials or Bedrock patch version 1.21, is a large update featuring new weapons, blocks, mobs, enchantments, music, and more, as well as significant changes and additions to gameplay mechanics.

Introducing Scars of Mars: A Real-Time RPG Experience
1 day(s) ago - nintendoeverything.com

Scars of Mars is a new real-time RPG where players must make split-second decisions, execute precise commands swiftly, and vanquish enemies within a limited time. The game offers strategic combat, character customization, and procedurally generated routes for each playthrough.

Cryptmaster: A Word-Based Dungeon Adventure
2 day(s) ago - monstervine.com

Cryptmaster is a word-based dungeon crawler game with a sardonic narrator, where players must type words to fight monsters, unlock memories and abilities, and interact with NPCs through text-based conversations.

Dark and Darker's Troublesome Return to Steam
4 day(s) ago - pcgamer.com and 2 other sources

Dark and Darker has made a return to Steam as a free-to-play game, but the free version only offers a stripped down experience, limiting access to loot and gameplay features.

Heaven Crawler: Climb the Tower and Build Your Perfect Character
6 day(s) ago - gamegrin.com

Heaven Crawler is an upcoming isometric roguelite hack-n-slash dungeon crawler where players climb a tower, gather equipment with different stats, and abilities to create their perfect build, and fight massive battles in beautiful dioramas across 10 zones.

New Trailer for Littlelands Revealed at Wholesome Direct 2024
6 day(s) ago - gamegrin.com

Littlelands is an upcoming cute chibi-style adventure sandbox game where players can seek out treasure, fish, and farm while exploring sprawling villages with unique characters. The game is in early development and a Steam demo is available for players to explore.