17 News this week for metroidvania

New RPG Game 'Exodus' Offers Players Deep Choices and Emotional Impact
1 day(s) ago - worthplaying.com

The debut game from legendary RPG creator James Ohlen's new studio, Exodus, is a next-generation, story-driven RPG where players take on the role of The Traveler, humanity's last hope, on a mission to steal alien weapons and technology from the Celestials, humanity's greatest enemy. The game features deep emotional impact, player choices with consequences due to Time Dilation, and a new cinematic trailer showcasing the search for new habitable planets.

Last Moon Showcased at PC Gaming Show 2024
5 day(s) ago - gamegrin.com

Last Moon, showcased at the PC Gaming Show 2024, is a classic '90s RPG with a trailer featuring a Lunar Knight dodging obstacles, fighting foes, and recovering Lunar Fragments.

New 3D Metroidvania Game 'ABYSS X ZERO' by Studio Pixel Punk Revealed
6 day(s) ago - gamegrin.com

A brand-new 3D metroidvania game called ABYSS X ZERO by Studio Pixel Punk, the creators of UNSIGHTED, is being slowly revealed, showcasing carefully crafted dungeons and unique character abilities. The game draws inspiration from classic 32- and 64-bit generation visuals.

New Hunter x Hunter Game Announced: Nen x Impact
7 day(s) ago - nintendoeverything.com

Hunter x Hunter : Nen x Impact is a new fighting game based on the popular anime series Hunter x Hunter, featuring fast-paced three versus three battles.