12 News this week for management, sport

Bike Unchained 3: Red Bull Launches Thrilling MTB Racing Game
2 day(s) ago - pocketgamer.com

Red Bull Media House has launched the highly anticipated mobile game, Bike Unchained 3, offering players an exhilarating journey through the world of MTB racing with real-time multiplayer PvP races and a diverse selection of bikes and components to customize.

New Star Games Announces New Retro Racing Game - New Star GP
3 day(s) ago - gamechronicles.com and 3 other sources

New Star Games announces the release of their new retro-styled racing game, New Star GP, on March 7th for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC Steam for 24.99. The game features career mode spanning 5 decades of racing, 176 unique events, 45 unique drivers, and 17 track locations.

Prison Architect 2 Release Date Delayed to May 7, 2024
4 day(s) ago - worthplaying.com and 2 other sources

Prison Architect 2 release date has been delayed from March 26nd to May 7, 2024 to fix more bugs and further optimize the game for all platforms. Streams will start in March alongside Prison Architect Academy series to show the development progress.

New Maps Introduced for Seal : WHAT the FUN by PLAYWITH KOREAN and PLAYWITH GAMES
4 day(s) ago - cogconnected.com

PLAYWITH KOREAN and PLAYWITH GAMES have introduced two new maps, Playroom and Waterbomb, for the game Seal : WHAT the FUN. Playroom takes players back to childhood with toys and competitive gameplay, while Waterbomb offers a summer festival experience with water attractions and a concert.

Cult of the Lamb Update 1.21 Released for Consoles
5 day(s) ago - mp1st.com and 2 other sources

Massive Monster has released Cult of the Lamb update 1.21 for consoles, which includes fixes but no new content. Patch notes have not been released yet.

Hugecalf Studios to Release Turbo Golf Racing in Q2 2024
6 day(s) ago - gamechronicles.com

Hugecalf Studios will be launching Turbo Golf Racing out of Early Access on Steam, Microsoft Store, and PlayStation 5 in Q2 2024. Players can participate in 1v1 Golf Showdown, Race mode with 7 opponents, and Time Trials in the game.