9 Games Like Head of State


Rogue State, Democracy 3 Africa, and I am Your President are our top selection to play today.

The latest addition in this selection are I am Your President released the 20 July 2018 and ranked #3, Power & Revolution released the 26 May 2016 and ranked #7, Democracy 3 Africa released the 12 April 2016 and ranked #2.

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Logo of the video game Head of State

Build your ideology picking policies as you see fit, not forgetting to include plenty of crowd pleasers. RISE AND DOMINATE Spend influence on policies and control measures to win support from your rivals CHOOSE WISELY Look out for random events that can definitively change the course of your campaign COMPLETE CONTROL The more power you have, the more devastating your actions become REVOLUTION Dissolve democracy with the biggest landslide in history, and become the supreme leader Take 5 minutes out to forget how worrying the real world is, and live out your darkest fantasies of political domination.

1# Rogue State - 2015


Assume control of a Middle Eastern country recovering from a violent revolution. It is up to you: Forge alliances, grow your economy, invade your neighbors, or pacify your population. Rogue State is a geopolitical strategy game that will force you to always stay one step ahead of your rivals to survive.

Rogue State similarities with Head of State:

2# Democracy 3 Africa - 2016


Democracy 3: Africa is the new standalone 're-imagining' of the hit political strategy game 'Democracy 3'. Set entirely in countries on the continent of Africa, D3:A puts you in charge of these countries and challenges you to stay in power whilst fixing each country's problems, improving the quality of life for your electorate, and...

Democracy 3 Africa similarities with Head of State:

4# NarcoGuerra - 2013


"NarcoGuerra is Risk applied to the war on drugs; its hard, its political, its really quite good." Penny Arcade Report "This is a good quality game that delicately handles a difficult topic and does so without proselytizing." From the acclaimed creators of Endgame:Syria, described as "...oozes quite some quality and is actually fun to play... with this unique gamification approach, it will make more people aware of what is happening today..." (GamesWarp.com), this game challenges you to fight in the War on Drugs.

NarcoGuerra similarities with Head of State:

6# Rulers of Nations - 2014


Will you become the greatest Head of State ?Play one of the powerful rulers of a nation! . Slip into the shoes of the President of the U.S., or the leader of China, Russia, United Kingdom, or other countries. Expand your influence on the world stage.

Rulers of Nations similarities with Head of State:

8# Political Animals - 2011


Political Animals is an election campaign simulation game set within a world populated by corrupt crocodiles and meritocratic mice. In a political contest where corruption is always around the corner, can you win without getting your paws dirty?

Political Animals similarities with Head of State:

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