25 Games Like Tap Heroes for Mac OS


Tap Tap Infinity, Crusaders of the Lost Idols, and Chicken Assassin: Master of Humiliation are our top selection to play today.

The latest addition in this selection are Clicker Heroes 2 released the 30 December 2018 and ranked #12, Idle Heist released the 8 June 2018 and ranked #25, SpeedJumper released the 11 May 2018 and ranked #11.

25 Games like Tap Heroes for Mac OS, daily generated comparing over 40 000 video games across all platforms.
This suggestion collection includes casual RPG games. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list.

Logo of the video game Tap Heroes

Welcome to the first puppet show RPG! Participate in battling a ton of foes, buy new upgrades, cast magic and recruit new Heroes. Or just sit back and enjoy the show as your Heroes fight on their own while you watch or do other things.

1# Tap Tap Infinity - 2014


Tap Tap Infinity is a fully 3D incremental RPG. Hire Heroes to fight for you, even with the game closed! Gain unimaginable DPS, mountains of gold, conquer thousands of levels and millions of monsters on your quest to defeat ‘The Master'.

Tap Tap Infinity similarities with Tap Heroes:

2# Crusaders of the Lost Idols - 2016


Crusaders of the Lost Idols is an idle game of heroic awesomeness! Create a band of fighters to fight monsters, earn gold and create strategies for the perfect formations over multiple campaigns! Upgrade your heroes, collect unique gear, and unlock new Crusaders in regular new events.

Crusaders of the Lost Idols similarities with Tap Heroes:

4# Forbidden Clicker Party - 2018


There's a reason it's called ''Forbidden'' CLICKER PARTY! Your task is simple- kill baddies and get acorns, then upgrade your team with those acorns & face new waves of rather funny looking enemies in this infinity clicker.

Forbidden Clicker Party similarities with Tap Heroes:

7# Midas Gold Plus - 2017


God gave you the ability to turn everything you touch into gold. Take the opportunity to build an empire of unimaginable riches! Touch stones and they will be transmuted it into gold. Build a town and upgrade it. Select Champions and use their unique Abilities. Manage your kingdom, prepare for war and raid Mythical Cities.

Midas Gold Plus similarities with Tap Heroes:

9# Shonen Idle Z - 2016


Do you like Anime and Manga? Would you like to be the main character of your own story? In Shonen Idle Z you can create your own character and be the hero! Train hard, improve your martial skills and advance through the world getting rid of the evil Kurowashi and his army of monsters.

Shonen Idle Z similarities with Tap Heroes:

13# Quests Unlimited - 2018

Screenshot of the video game Quests Unlimited
Screenshot of the video game Quests Unlimited
Screenshot of the video game Quests Unlimited

Early Access

Quests Unlimited is inspired by a love for classic idle games like Progress Quest. Quests Unlimited is a classical interpretation of the idle rpg genre with a more traditional rpg style of gameplay being emulated.

Quests Unlimited similarities with Tap Heroes:

15# Remaya Idle - 2017

Screenshot of the video game Remaya Idle
Screenshot of the video game Remaya Idle
Screenshot of the video game Remaya Idle

Click to destroy your targets, or stay AFK and let the Archer destroy them for you. Loot potions to increase your damage. Equip rare gear to improve your stats. Farm epic books and use them on your items to modify them. Also, can you reach End Game to invade legendary dungeons?

Remaya Idle similarities with Tap Heroes:

16# Immortal Heroes - 2017

Screenshot of the video game Immortal Heroes
Screenshot of the video game Immortal Heroes
Screenshot of the video game Immortal Heroes

You are a brave warrior who came to this world to save its inhabitants. Here you will be met by awful monsters, such as huge spiders, wolf-werewolves, bears, unicorns ... The essence of the game, like any clicker, is to quickly press the button to the finish.

Immortal Heroes similarities with Tap Heroes:

18# Dragon Cliff - 2018


Dragon Cliff is an RPG/Town Management game. Players are to recruit adventurers, kill monsters, hunt treasures, craft armories, accommodate residents and finally reveal the great mystic behind the Dragon Emperor.

Dragon Cliff similarities with Tap Heroes:

19# Idling to Rule the Gods - 2016


Idling to Rule the Gods is a free to play Idle-Game with a lot of content and some Minigames. Depending on your play-style, you can play it fast or slow. Either way it can be fun for hundreds of hours!

Idling to Rule the Gods similarities with Tap Heroes:

21# Ragnarok Clicker - 2016


From the game developers of Clicker Heroes (Playsaurus) and Gravity Interactive comes a new experience of the original classic game Ragnarok Online. Click your way to victory and experience infinite levels of gameplay set in the beloved world of Ragnarok.

Ragnarok Clicker similarities with Tap Heroes:

22# Insanity Clicker - 2016


Been looking for the thrill? Then you've come to the right place! Insanity Clicker is a time-killer game full of horror and fear that will make you tremble in a couple of minutes!

Insanity Clicker similarities with Tap Heroes:

23# Clicker Heroes - 2015


Clicker Heroes - the Idle RPG! Ever wondered what one quadrillion damage per second feels like? Wonder no more! Embark on your quest to attain it today! Start out by clicking on the monster to kill them, and get their gold. Spend that gold on hiring new heroes and get more damage. The more damage you deal, the more gold you will get. Feel your power grow exponentially! Need to do the laundry? Give the puppy a shower? No worries! Your heroes will farm monsters and automatically collect the gold while you're gone, even when the game is closed. But don't forget to come back and spend all that sweet gold on new heroes and upgrades!

Clicker Heroes similarities with Tap Heroes:

24# Plantera - 2016


In Plantera you build your own garden and watch it grow with new plants, bushes trees and animals. As you play and expand your garden you will attract Helpers, round blue creatures that will help you with your harvesting tasks.

Plantera similarities with Tap Heroes:

25# Idle Heist - 2018

Screenshot of the video game Idle Heist
Screenshot of the video game Idle Heist
Screenshot of the video game Idle Heist

Idle Heist is an Idle/Clicker game where the objective is to get as much money from the bank vault before you get caught! Through the use of upgrades and skills, earn MILLIONS or even TRILLIONS of dollars. This is the perfect game to play whilst you work or do other tasks!

Idle Heist similarities with Tap Heroes:

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