10 Games Like Mind Games Pro for Nintendo 3DS


Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger, Hook, and Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 2 are our top selection to play today.

The latest addition in this selection are Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 2 released the 21 April 2016 and ranked #3, Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger released the 2 July 2015 and ranked #1, Quell Reflect released the 14 May 2015 and ranked #7.

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This suggestion collection includes puzzle games. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list.

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Mind games is a great set of extremely hard brain twisting puzzles! Warning: this game is for smarties! Only one out of ten people can solve the first puzzle!

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1# Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger - 2015


Spend an exciting and adventurous summer working as a Park Ranger in a stunning National Park. Visit log cabins and areas of outstanding natural beauty such as lakes, woodland trails and mountain vistas. Set up outdoor activities like boating, rock climbing, horse riding, mountain biking and much much more. Perform your duties as a Park Ranger and protect the environment by collecting all the bonus trash items to recycle. Earn even more bonuses for finding all the Lost & Found items scattered around the Park. Enjoy this outstanding collection of Hidden Object Scenes and puzzles set in the great outdoors.

Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger similarities with Mind Games Pro:

3# Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 2 - 2016


Join the Rangers for another truly sensational Vacation Adventure in the great outdoors! Explore Pinecreek's many new features and facilities including the park museum, mountain cable cars and Treetops Restaurant. Walk through giant sequoias along Cherokee River beside beautiful waterfalls and pan for gold in Golden Pond. There's even time for some fishing, but beware the hot August nights and the notorious fire season in this astounding Hidden Object game!

Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 2 similarities with Mind Games Pro:

4# Lola's Math Train - 2012


Join Lola on her journey as she makes her way through a fun filled environment of bright colors, interactive characters and creative problem solving to get all of her friends to a party! Developed by BeiZ Ltd., a company who strives to provide enjoyable moments and learning opportunities to children and parents alike, Lolas Math Train is an excellent tool for any child or family aimed at improving developmental skills. o Various levels to choose from o Easy-to-use game design o Advancing difficulty as childrens skills improve

Lola's Math Train similarities with Mind Games Pro:

5# Color Zen Kids - 2013


With simpler puzzles, larger shapes, and a kid-friendly animal theme, it's a great way to teach problem solving with a game they won't want to put down. Now everyone in the family can find their way, with Color Zen Kids! The fun of Color Zen, with easier puzzles and fun animal shapes 100 levels to solve, with hours of replay value Original soundtrack by Steve Woodzell

Color Zen Kids similarities with Mind Games Pro:

6# Christmas Wonderland 8 - 2017


Christmas Wonderland is back with more holiday joy and hidden surprises! Invite the whole family to take in the fabulous Christmas atmosphere and complete festive puzzles together. Find golden angels, win awesome rewards and earn achievements. You've won a trip to Santa's North Pole Wonderland. Ride Santa's airport limo and the santacopter. Visit Santa’s warehouse, workshops, sleigh barn and meet the elf Dorm. Put together models of wonderful Christmas scenes including a nativity display inside the Church. Before you know it, it's Christmas Eve and Santa's on his way!

Christmas Wonderland 8 similarities with Mind Games Pro:

9# Puzzler Mind Gym 3D - 2011


Puzzler Mind Gym 3D offers you a daily program of brain exercises and puzzles in 3D, designed to help you make the most of your mind. - Exercise your mind with 700+ 3D daily workouts
- Hosted by neuroscientist Professor Ian Robertson
- Track your progress with detailed statistics
- Get expert advice on how to keep your brain active

Puzzler Mind Gym 3D similarities with Mind Games Pro:

10# Lola's Alphabet Train - 2010


Your kids start with a “drag and drop” letter game and qualify for the more challenging “form a word” game: as their skills improve, the game gets more challenging, so they’ll keep coming back to master the next stage and learn that reading is great. • Five exciting alphabet games with Lola Panda
• Alphabets available in five different languages, upper and lower case letters
• High-quality graphics and fun animations
• Easy-to-use children-friendly game design

Lola's Alphabet Train similarities with Mind Games Pro:

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