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Toys & Physics, voi, and qop 3 are our top selection to play today.

The latest addition in this selection are The Bart Bonte collection released the 3 May 2021 and ranked #19, Unlock the Block released the 3 May 2021 and ranked #10, Twin Jump released the 30 April 2021 and ranked #27.

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Logo of the video game Laser Attraction

Early Access

Play with lasers and solve puzzles in Laser Attraction. Use reflection, refraction, dispersion and filtration to direct the laser beams, mix and separate colours, open doors, hit targets and complete puzzles.

18# .projekt - 2018


Minimalistic puzzler about silhouettes from creator of Evo Explores Features: - 60 mind blowing levels and more to come… - simple still very expressive animations - relaxing experience - no time pressure, no scores, just a pure gameplay - no ads and no in-app purchases - Mac OS touchpad gestures support

.projekt similarities with Laser Attraction:
Price < $5

19# The Bart Bonte collection - 2021

Screenshot of the video game The Bart Bonte collection
Screenshot of the video game The Bart Bonte collection
Screenshot of the video game The Bart Bonte collection

Flash is dead, long live the Bart Bonte collection! A collection of 28 Flash games carefully packaged and remastered for you, all accessible from a selection menu with loads of achievements. All the classics you know from the browser, including the Sugar, Sugar and the Factory Balls series.

The Bart Bonte collection similarities with Laser Attraction:

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