7 Games Like Hop for Mac OS


Trixel, Sea of Lies: Tide of Treachery, and WayOut 2: Hex are our top selection to play today.

The latest addition in this selection are Rainbow Mosaics: Blooming Garden released the 12 April 2017 and ranked #5, WayOut 2: Hex released the 10 February 2017 and ranked #3, The Mahjong Huntress released the 25 May 2016 and ranked #4.

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Logo of the video game Hop

This game was classified by the community with the following category scores - Violence=2/3, Sex=0/3, Mature Content=1/3. Cute or Trash Mode, single, 2-players or Death Match, Hop and Pop is "Some fun for smart people". Jump around and push balloons or Zombies ‘heads to make color combinations. Unless you prefer to pick-up surprises and unlock one of the 15 Powers. It's up to you Features: single, 2 players or Death-Match. Cute or Trash Mode, 3 Difficulty, 4 Soundtracks, 15 awards

1# Trixel - 2015


Either way you can check to see if your level of skill can rate along the very best Trixel players in Game Center and post your high score to the Book if you dare. Remove the Ads or cheat to the Next checkpoint if you wish but remember the Pixel plays the tricks and the Trixel makes the picks.

Trixel similarities with Hop:

4# The Mahjong Huntress - 2016


Embark on a mysterious quest in search of the missing groom, Charles Gilbertworth, solve riddles, encounter supernatural creatures and ghosts - all while solving relaxing and fun Mahjong puzzles with innovative gameplay mechanics.

The Mahjong Huntress similarities with Hop:

7# Dominos Dominoes - 1977

Screenshot of the video game Dominos Dominoes
Screenshot of the video game Dominos Dominoes
Screenshot of the video game Dominos Dominoes

Gameplay is a variation of the snake genre, in which players compete by surrounding each other with lines of dominos. Players change direction via a set of four directional buttons representing up, down, right, and left respectively. A player loses when they hit a wall, their own dominos, or their opponent's, at which point all the dominos in their line "fall" down.

Dominos Dominoes similarities with Hop:

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