26 Games Like Beastiarium for Linux


Night in the Woods, Reliefs, and Selma and the Wisp are our top selection to play today.

The latest addition in this selection are Reliefs released the 7 September 2018 and ranked #2, LeftWay released the 3 November 2017 and ranked #16, Lurk released the 15 September 2017 and ranked #5.

26 Games like Beastiarium for Linux, daily generated comparing over 40 000 video games across all platforms.
This suggestion collection includes first-person horror games. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list.

Logo of the video game Beastiarium

Beastiarium — plunge into the mysterious world full of secrets and monsters, its atmosphere will keep you in suspense throughout the story. The action takes place in underground Petersburg in the beginning of 20th century, one hundred years later since the monsters invaded the planet.

3# Selma and the Wisp - 2016


Selma and the Wisp is an astonishing platform game with a particularly eerie feel to it. Densely packed with logical puzzles and unexpected obstacles, the game incorporates innovative gameplay, low-poly models and an spectacular animations.

Selma and the Wisp similarities with Beastiarium:

4# Spirits of Xanadu - 2015


At the farthest edge of the explored universe, the research ship Xanadu slumbers in orbit around a mysterious planet. Her systems remain active but there has been no message from her crew for months. Now a lone operative has been sent to wake the Xanadu and bring her home to Earth.

Spirits of Xanadu similarities with Beastiarium:

5# Lurk - 2017


Lurk is a first-person survival horror game based in medieval fantasy. Experience true fear as you run or hide from encounters with horrific monstrosities, ration supplies found in the expansive Farlands, and uncover the mystery behind the slaughter of your mercenary company.

Lurk similarities with Beastiarium:


Screenshot of the video game EVIL POSSESSION
Screenshot of the video game EVIL POSSESSION
Screenshot of the video game EVIL POSSESSION

SURVIVAL HORROR in first person. We incarnate an investigator of paranormal events that only with the help of a paranormal activity detector (EMF DETECTOR) and a small oil lamp, we will try to perform an EXORCISM.

EVIL POSSESSION similarities with Beastiarium:

7# Disturbed: Beyond Aramor - 2016


A 'Choose Your Own Adventure' themed sequel to the free-to-play 'Disturbed'. Your journey begins with Gabriel, a depressed soul who has been banished away on Greyrock Island. Discover an unfolding world as you wander to fulfill the desires of your heart.

Disturbed: Beyond Aramor similarities with Beastiarium:

9# Black The Fall - 2014


After decades of toil, an old machinist plots his escape from Communism, through manipulation and scheming. Along the road, he befriends the most unlikely creature, an abandoned robot. Could they solve the puzzles and flee this bleak world together?

Black The Fall similarities with Beastiarium:

12# Quern - Undying Thoughts - 2016


Discover the truth about Quern’s past, unfold the mysteries of its present, and be the explorer who shapes its future. Quern introduces reusable puzzle mechanics to the classic genre, making the player think about the game as a whole, and not just as a series of individual challenges.

Quern - Undying Thoughts similarities with Beastiarium:

13# Caffeine - 2015


Caffeine is a quirky first person adventure game with environmental puzzles and a dab of psychological horror. Set in the near future, the entire population of Earth is vigorously addicted to coffee. You awaken aboard one of these caffeine mining stations alone.

Caffeine similarities with Beastiarium:

14# The Body Changer - 2015


A single player metroidvania 3D game with cooperative gameplay. Find out what's going on by taking control of distinct characters and change between them whenever you want. An unique mix of 3rd person shooter and challenging puzzles!

The Body Changer similarities with Beastiarium:

15# Reflection of Mine - 2017


Reflection of Mine is a dark puzzle video game about the dissociative identity disorder. The entire game takes place in the broken mind of Lilly Witchgan and the goal is to discover who is real – Lilly herself or one of her many personalities. The plot will tell us about her many minds and how are they fighting each other.

Reflection of Mine similarities with Beastiarium:

17# CortexGear: AngryDroids - 2015


CortexGear:AngryDroids is a clasic 3d Sci-Fi shooting sidescroller where quick tactics and skills need to be in harmony the beat the game. A run-and-gun shooter with both mouse and keyboard controls at the same time. An adventure game with a emotional story and epic game-play.

CortexGear: AngryDroids similarities with Beastiarium:

18# Dream Dealer - 2016


Dream Dealer is a first person exploration game were you take your dream and start a long journey between worlds. You'll never know if what you see is real, or if you are in trance. An experimental game made to delight your sensory system.

Dream Dealer similarities with Beastiarium:

20# Montague's Mount - 2013


Montague's Mount is disturbing psychological thriller set in the bleakness of an abandoned Irish island, featuring exploration and challenging puzzle solving. This game is part one of a two part story, some questions are left unanswered and open to interpretation.

Montague's Mount similarities with Beastiarium:

21# Anna - 2012


Anna is a 2012 puzzle video game for Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux. Narratively a psychological horror set in an abandoned sawmill nestled high in the Italian mountains, Anna challenges the player to uncover horrific clues and use them to solve puzzles related to the player character's dark past. The player's behavior does determine the mental health of the main character and change locations and unveil new secrets leading to different endings. On 13 April 2013, the Extended Edition was released which added new environments, puzzles, user interface, music, improved graphics, and a new character. PLOT: The storyline of Anna concerns an amnesiac man who dreams of a sawmill in the mountains near his town. He decides to go there to find out its connection to his missing memories and a woman named "Anna" who seems to be calling out for him, and enters the house by solving puzzles in the garden. He becomes aware that the house is haunted after seeing several strange phenomena. As the protagonist explores, he begins to hear voices belonging to himself and the eponymous Anna, among others. Through these voices and texts found throughout the sawmill, he discovers that he has had an obsessive history with an ancient deity named Anna that he had since forgotten. However, the plot is ambiguous from this point; one interpretation holds that in times of yore, Anna would lure men into worship, causing them to murder those close to them or starve themselves at the feet of her statue, and after she seduced the protagonist, he murdered his own wife and children for threatening his relationship with Anna. The other interpretation paints the protagonist as the villain, meeting a human avatar of Anna in the forest and falling in love with her. However, after she left because of his obsession with her and abusive personality, he sacrificed children to summon her again. The game has three main endings; in an inversion of the norm, the more effort that is put into achieving an ending, the less optimistic the conclusion will be. In the first scenario, the protagonist concludes that Anna was burnt as a witch centuries ago and leaves the house, vowing never to return. In the second ending, the protagonist reminisces about Anna, realizes that he cannot live without her, and opens himself up to possession by her, joining the multitude of mannequins that are found throughout the house. In the third ending, the protagonist remembers killing his real wife after she defiled Anna's statue, and finds the statue, along with dolls of his children, in a small chamber. As the tunnel to the chamber caves in, he realizes that he will stay in the chamber forever, but he does not care because he has "Anna" with him. The plot is ambiguous due to the uncertainty of the protagonist as to whether or not the sawmill is real or merely a dream, as well as the strange phenomena that occur throughout the story and the vague and unconnected nature of the voices. DEVELOPMENT: Dreampainters, the development studio, based the story on legends from the Val D'Ayas region of Italy, particularly one about a sawmill where a lumberjack killed his family. They claimed that the game's focus was on mystery-solving and exploration, with the player being able to discover the plot at their own pace. One of Anna's particularly infamous features, the ability to pick up any object (no matter if it will be used later on in the game), was apparently based on the developers' hatred for adventure games and cartoons where the important objects were made more obvious to the viewer. Anna would reportedly have a feature whereby the game would interpret the player's actions to try and scare them; for example, if a player focused on a particular object for too long, that object would appear more often. However, no such feature appeared in the game. Dreampainters also claimed that the extent of the protagonist's descent into madness would determine the ending, but the ending was actually determined by when the player decided to leave the sawmill. RECEPTION: Anna received mixed reviews from critics. The graphics, story and sound were praised, but it was criticized for the obscurity of its narrative, complexity of its interface, and difficulty of its puzzles. The horror elements were both praised and criticized by different reviews; IGN said that the lack of death removed any sense of threat, while Zero Punctuation praised the horror but claimed the immersion was broken by the necessity of a walkthrough. It received a score of 49.13% on GameRankings and 55/100 on Metacritic.

Anna similarities with Beastiarium:

22# Affliction - 2012


Affliction is a survival horror shooter designed to engage players with a thrilling storyline, surreal environments, merciless foes, a chilling atmosphere, and an unforgettable gameplay experience. Players must explore, scavenge, and fight in order to survive and live to tell the tale.

Affliction similarities with Beastiarium:

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