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Word Cookies!, Brain Booster, and Bejeweler Stars are our top selection to play today.

The latest addition in this selection are Word Crossy - A crossword game released the 22 August 2017 and ranked #4, Word Market released the 30 July 2017 and ranked #5, Word Fit Puzzle released the 25 March 2017 and ranked #10.

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Logo of the video game TwistCross

With this game, you can easily improve your vocabulary, concentration and spelling skills. Play in English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese.

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2# Brain Booster - 2016

Screenshot of the video game Brain Booster
Screenshot of the video game Brain Booster
Screenshot of the video game Brain Booster

Are you ready to pump up your brains? Then Brain Booster is for you! Unique intellectual tasks, several levels of difficulty will force your brains move. You will not just choose correct answers, you should create them by yourself! It seems challenging? Just try it!

Brain Booster similarities with TwistCross:

3# Bejeweler Stars - 2016


Experience endless fun and unique challenges every day in a beautiful world filled with surprises, explosions, and playful puzzles. Combine sparkling gems to earn rewards, create boosts when you need them most, uncover collectible emojis to express yourself, and even control the game board itself as you play. Open chests to reveal exclusive and delightful Bejeweled emojis that let you express your own style and send personal messages.

Bejeweler Stars similarities with TwistCross:

4# Word Crossy - A crossword game - 2017


Enjoy word games? Word Crossy is the perfect game for you! Combine letters to find words and fill up the puzzle. Its entertaining and its free! Enjoy word connect, wordscapes, letter soup and similar games? You'll definitely love this. How to play: - Connect the letters to form words - When you find a valid word, it'll fill up a spot in the puzzle - Find all the puzzles to finish the level A unique combination of cross words and word search. How many levels can you complete?

Word Crossy - A crossword game similarities with TwistCross:

6# Wheel of Fortune Free Play - 2016


You will spin the Wheel, solve new puzzles written by the shows producers, and win cool, collectible prizes. - Prize wheel elements are here win big with Wild Card and or get lucky with Free Play.

Wheel of Fortune Free Play similarities with TwistCross:

7# Word Search Pro - 2016

Screenshot of the video game Word Search Pro
Screenshot of the video game Word Search Pro
Screenshot of the video game Word Search Pro

You will enjoy a fun challenge as you identify the hidden words and then swipe up, down, left, right or diagonally to mark them. The game has 3 difficulty levels from easy to hard, you can choose them freely. - Easy choosing letters - Unlimited puzzles - Brilliant colorful look - 4 different game modes - 4 difficulty levels - 50 word categories - Daily challenges - Realtime generated puzzles - Reverse word selection - Hints to avoid frustrations - HD graphics - Elegant animations - Night Mode

Word Search Pro similarities with TwistCross:

8# Word Wonders: The Tower of Babel - 2015


Enter the ruined tower of Babel in search of the long lost art of „speech“. Unravel the many mysteries contained within, create powerful artifacts, battle daunting foes and build up your hero’s powers – all through the power of words!

Word Wonders: The Tower of Babel similarities with TwistCross:

9# Farm Heroes Saga - 2014


Explore farmtastic adventures across a variety of game modes and puzzles including Rancid boss battles!. Rechargeable boosters, special power ups and Farm Club animals to help you win those challenging levels.

Farm Heroes Saga similarities with TwistCross:

10# Word Fit Puzzle - 2013


Choose how much screen space for the grid and how much for the word list, using our unique movable split bar. Dictionaries available are English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Indonesian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian(Latin), Serbian(Cyrillic), Slovak, Slovene, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian and more coming later

Word Fit Puzzle similarities with TwistCross:

11# Puzzle Monkeys - 2015


Use the Wii U GamePad's buttons and touchscreen to manipulate and destroy falling colored blocks. Align 3 or more blocks of the same color to destroy them and initiate high scoring chains of destruction.

Puzzle Monkeys similarities with TwistCross:

12# Lexica - 2013


The unique word puzzle which combines the skill of Sudoku with the knowledge of Scrabble®. Lexica has been featured in a number of UK daily newspapers but is now available for the first time in an interactive form.

Lexica similarities with TwistCross:

13# Jewel Quest Mysteries - 2012


Venture through the hidden relics of Greece as you join Emma in search of her husband and daughter, who have fallen victim to a horrible struggle. Venture through the hidden relics of Greece as you join Emma in search of her husband and daughter, who have fallen victim to a horrible struggle.

Jewel Quest Mysteries similarities with TwistCross:

14# Super Swap - 2010


Plus 3 Skill Levels, 4 Backgrounds, Easy Controls and More How fast can you swap, make combos, and get power-ups? Enjoy fast and furious game play packed with bonuses and twistsyou'll never want to stop the swapping!

Super Swap similarities with TwistCross:

15# Sudoku - 2010


Enjoy a clear, easy to read, and customizable Sudoku board with visual guides that make glancing at the possibilities a breeze. We hope you enjoy Sudoku by Brainium, and please contact our five star support if you have any questions :-).

Sudoku similarities with TwistCross:

16# 7 Wonders HD - 2010


Journey to the awe-inspiring 7 Wonders of the Ancient World in this globetrotting Match 3 adventure! Optimized for the iPad, now you can relax and enjoy the matching fun through 49 colorful and challenging levels as you learn all about the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World from The Professor.

7 Wonders HD similarities with TwistCross:

17# WordJong - 2009


Shoot for high-scoring words, earn gold coins and bomb power-ups, and attempt to clear the board with no leftover letters. Key Features: - Unlimited Play: Each day brings the fresh challenge of a new, unique puzzle! Each of the seven characters has his or her own personality and play style, representing a different difficulty level ranging from easy (the Rabbit) to hard (the Dragon).

WordJong similarities with TwistCross:

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