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COOKING MAMA Let's Cook, Zasa - An AI Story, and Geography Quiz are our top selection to play today.

The latest addition in this selection are Geography Quiz released the 13 March 2018 and ranked #3, Zasa - An AI Story released the 20 March 2016 and ranked #2, COOKING MAMA Let's Cook released the 14 May 2015 and ranked #1.

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1# COOKING MAMA Let's Cook - 2015


With a chop chop, a bubble bubble, and a sizzle sizzle Anyone can enjoy the simple, intuitive touch controls of the dozens of varied minigames! Get the latest update and log in during the campaign to receive free mini-games! Hamburgers, pizza, ice cream Fulfill Papa's requests and get fun gifts in return!

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2# Zasa - An AI Story - 2015


Zasa is an extraordinary and challenging 3D Puzzle Game. Players are going to roleplay Zasa the Artificial Intelligence to finish the training missions from Dr.Mason by linking nodes in 3-dimensional space.

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4# Trivia Crack No Ads - 2013


Have fun challenging your friends and enemies in the hottest trivia game!. Let our friendly spinner wheel, Willy, select which questions youll answer from six different categories.

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5# Trivia Crack - 2013


Prove your knowledge of the latest pop trivia across TV shows, videogames, movies and music. Collect the characters: Win them by answering three questions correctly or challenging your opponent to a duel to snatch one of theirs!

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6# Body and Brain Connection - 2011


The Games on Demand version supports English , French , Italian , German , Spanish , Korean , Chinese . Download the manual for this game by locating the game on http://marketplace.xbox.com and selecting See Game Manual '' . This game requires a Kinect Sensor . Introducing a new way to work your brain by using your body ! Recent studies have shown that moving your body works your brain , more than regular brain exercises alone ! The collection of exercises found in this game have all been supervised and approved by the renowned Dr. Kawashima , and require simple movements so that everyone can participate ! Have friends and family watch , laugh , and join in on the fun to have a blast during your training !

Body and Brain Connection similarities with True or False:

9# Wits & Wagers - 2008


Single Player , Xbox LIVE Multiplayer 2-4 , Local Multiplayer 2-4 , HD -LRB- High Definition -RRB- . Upgrade now to the full version of Wits & Wagers , and unlock 25 full hours of unique questions ! With local and online play , plus the ability to link one group of local users to another group via couch-to-couch multiplayer , Wits & Wagers is a party waiting to happen . Get 700 questions , great character costumes and dance moves , catchy music , achievements , leaderboards , support for the Xbox LIVE Vision camera , and more . This game requires the Xbox 360 hard drive or the 512MB Memory Unit for storage . There are no refunds for this item . For more information , see www.xbox.com / live / accounts .

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10# Boogie Bunnies - 2008


Help the Boogie Bunnies achieve their dream of super stardom as they try to win the ultimate dancing competition in this zany puzzle game . Match these colorful fur balls from three different sides left , right and from the bottom . Unlock the full game now and hop into multiplayer mode with a friend ! There are no refunds for this item . For more information , see www.xbox.com / Live / accounts .

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11# Let's Explore the Airport Junior Field Trips - 1995

Screenshot of the video game Let's Explore the Airport Junior Field Trips
Screenshot of the video game Let's Explore the Airport Junior Field Trips
Screenshot of the video game Let's Explore the Airport Junior Field Trips

Let's Explore the Airport captures all of the fun, energy, and excitement of a real, working airport. Kids can check out the ticket counter in the main terminal, work the controls in the cockpit of the Concord, and see how the ground crew prepares the planes.

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12# Trivia Crack 2 - 1970


Along with your usual offering of varied categories, cute characters, and exchangeable items, Trivia Crack 2 features new modes of play to master. BECOME A TRIVIA EXPERT ** Answer questions in our 6 categories: Art, Science, History, Entertainment, Sport and Geography, and show how smart you are!

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