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The best 50 Memes games daily generated by our specialised A.I. comparing over 40 000 video games across all platforms for Android, PS4 (Playstation 4), Xbox One, PC Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list.

The latest addition in this selection are The Hex released the 16 October 2018 and ranked #9, Super Seducer 2 released the 11 September 2018 and ranked #8, WASDead released the 31 August 2018 and ranked #33.

3# Nyan Cat: Lost In Space - 2011


Play with the most celebrated flying cat in human history. Drink milk, eat ice-cream, collect coins, buy gorgeous boosts, fly like a superhero (sorry... supercat), jump onto platforms made of cake, avoid angry dogs, and discover the infinite space.

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4# Fidget Spinner - 2017


A fidget spinner is a toy that sits like a propeller on a persons finger, with blades that spin around a bearing. Basically a fidget spinner consists of a two or three pronged design with a bearing in its center circular pad.

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5# Rapid Tap - 2018


Enjoy a fun, grid tapping game that gets faster the more you play. See how long you can last tapping the flashing buttons. Now with a bunch of fun skins!

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7# Lily's Day Off - 2015


Lily's Day Off is a visual novel, but not in the typical sense. As you progress in this game, your actions drastically change characters, story lines, and outcomes.

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8# Super Seducer 2 - 2018


Ready to take your skills with women to the NEXT next level in this amazing sequel to the smash hit Super Seducer? Super Seducer 2 is a sequel to the world’s most realistic seduction simulator. It puts you in everyday scenarios (at the country club, in the office, at the strip club) and lets you do practically whatever you want to see how it plays out with beautiful women.

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9# The Hex - 2018


In a creaky old tavern, in a forgotten corner of the video-game universe, a storm is raging. An anonymous caller suggests that a murder is being planned. Six video game genre protagonists are the only plausible suspects...

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10# My Name is Mayo - 2016


This is a clicking adventure that simulates the real-life tapping of a Mayo Jar! You will unveil its story and (maybe) you will learn from it!

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13# Rage Wars - 2012


Get prepared for the FIRST EVER shooter game based on Rage Comics ! Rage Wars is a well-made action game with a variety of weapons, worlds and enemies to challenge with.

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14# There's Poop In My Soup - 2016


Have you ever wanted to poop on people but were too shy to just go for it? There's poop in my soup lets you do just that, poop in soups, poop on people, poop on poodles, poop anywhere you please, from the streets of New York to Paris to Beijing. Poop on everybody.

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17# PUTIN, BOOBS and TRUMP - 2018

Screenshot of the video game PUTIN, BOOBS and TRUMP
Screenshot of the video game PUTIN, BOOBS and TRUMP
Screenshot of the video game PUTIN, BOOBS and TRUMP

Imagine what the world would be if Putin lost the elections of 2018? You can not? That's right, because it's unreal, but nevertheless we asked this question and that's what we got. You have to fight this distraught world, shoot, destroy enemies and regain your throne. Game has 5000 achievements and comes with minimum allowable price.

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18# VEGGIE KILLER - 2018


Do you know this? A vegan hippy coming up to you to tell you what to eat and what not? Even worse, all their veggies got mutated! It's time to defend your grill and show those evil veggies what you are made of - strong manly meat. ALL HAIL THE BACON!


19# Neckbeards: Cuck Invaders - 2017

Screenshot of the video game Neckbeards: Cuck Invaders
Screenshot of the video game Neckbeards: Cuck Invaders
Screenshot of the video game Neckbeards: Cuck Invaders

Cuck Invaders is a retro-futuristic take on Space Invaders, the arcade classic from 1978. It has all the Soiree ingredients you're craving for: fast action, addictive gameplay, strange boss fights (including a mighty middle-aged man) and a seriously sumptuous soundtrack.

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20# Peace, Death! - 2017


In this game, you play as the Reaper working for your boss, Death, in Apocalypse, Inc. You face a challenge: go through a trial period of seven weeks to get a permanent job and advance the interests of your employer. Trainees' phone calls, safes with smuggled goods, undercover agents of Paradox, kidnappers.

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22# Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar - 2017


Cleveland Mark Blakemore's Magnum Opus! The ultimate classic style turn-based roleplaying game in the tradition of Wizardry, Might&Magic, Lands Of Lore and Eye of the Beholder! A game that took over 20 years to produce! As much as 600 hours of play with hand-painted graphics and old skool goodness!

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23# Pigeons Attack - 2018

Screenshot of the video game Pigeons Attack
Screenshot of the video game Pigeons Attack
Screenshot of the video game Pigeons Attack

Pigeons Attack is a top-down shooter whose goal is to survive the pigeons hordes and find the path to Kingdom of Pruuzharia. Use upgrades and weapons placed around the level. Unlock new characters, maps and magic runes. Help fight this invasion, alone or with your friend!

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24# Blue Whale - 2017


After returning from school, 12 year old Midori receives a message on the social network from a stranger. He invites her to play the "Blue Whale", a mysterious and dangerous game, at the end of which Midori should become a whale...

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25# King Of Mazes - 2018


“King of Mazes” is an adult comedic harem RPG. Go on a quest like none other and save the kingdom of it’s unique and strange problems by thinking out of the box and using your problem-solving skills!

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