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NBA Ball Stars, NBA 2K17, and Basketball Stars are our top selection to play today.

The latest addition in this selection are NBA Ball Stars released the 6 April 2021 and ranked #1, Swing Dunk Open Beta released the 26 October 2020 and ranked #10, NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 released the 30 December 2018 and ranked #11.

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This suggestion collection includes fast-paced basketball games in teams for Android, IOS (iPhone / iPad), PS4 (Playstation 4), Xbox One, Switch, PC Windows, Mac OS and HTC Vive. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list.

Logo of the video game Stickman Basketball 2017

Experience pure basketball fun with fast paced gameplay, an astonishing atmosphere, stunning smooth animations, simple controls, insane action and tons of replay value. Choose your favourite team and rank up while playing various seasons, cups and events in spectacular arenas or simply dominate in street basketball. * Quick Game, Seasons, Leagues, Cups, Knock Out, Tutorial and Special Graveyard mode * 115 different basketball teams to choose from * Official WBCBL teams * Multiplayer mode with up to 4 controllers * Party mode, Play with up to 4 players on one device * Tons of unlock-able content like dunks, various balls, * Full Controller support for up to 4 players * Complete Seasons, Cups, Knock Outs to challenge in * 4 difficulty levels for longterm motivation (easy, medium, hard) * Simple yet powerful touch controls with timing control * Automatic or Manual Running * Smooth animations with 60 frames per second

27# EA Playground - 2007


• Bug Hunt - You're on a mission to collect as many butterflies as you can, but watch out for those nasty bees or you'll get stung!
• Kicks - A free-for-all soccer match
• Skate & Sketch - Master these wacky tricks by connecting the dots as fast as possible.
• Spitballs - Search the playground for your target and when you've found them blow into the microphone to hit them with a spitball!
• Trampoline - The sky's the limit in this game of balloon popping!

EA Playground similarities with Stickman Basketball 2017:

28# Kidz Sports: Basketball - 2004


• Pick Up and Play: Use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to dribble your way through the competition and slam dunk your way to victory!
• Hours of Fun: Defeat all challengers in the single-player Knockout Cup tournament, or take on a friend in two-player head-to-head action!
• Wild Zany Action: This isn't your parents' basketball game! Unleash dominating Super Moves with Wii Remote gestures, like triple jumps, super slams, and more!

Kidz Sports: Basketball similarities with Stickman Basketball 2017:

29# Backyard Basketball - 2003


Shoot and score big time with Backyard Basketball, a full court basketball simulation with fast-paced, crazy arcade action. The best selling kid’s basketball videogame of all time, Backyard Basketball is the only official youth basketball game endorsed by the NBA.

Backyard Basketball similarities with Stickman Basketball 2017:

30# NCAA March Madness 08 - 1998


Feel the fervor for your college team -- and the bragging rights that come from victory with NCAA March Madness 08. Think strategically and execute flawlessly through Dynamic Post Control, a new feature where you take complete control over running your offense through the post, and defending your opponent in the paint. For the first time, you have complete control over dozens of new offensive and defensive post moves, from up-and-unders, to hook spins, pump fakes, and every combo in between.

NCAA March Madness 08 similarities with Stickman Basketball 2017:

32# NBA Jam - 1993


NBA Jam is a basketball arcade game published and developed by Midway in 1993. It is the first entry in the NBA Jam series. The main designer and programmer for this game was Mark Turmell. Midway had previously released such sports games as Arch Rivals in 1989, High Impact in 1990, and Super High Impact in 1991. The gameplay of NBA Jam is based on Arch Rivals, another 2-on-2 basketball video game. However, it was the release of NBA Jam that brought mainstream success to the genre. The game became exceptionally popular, and generated a significant amount of money for arcades after its release, creating revenue of $1 billion in quarters. In early 1994, the Amusement & Music Operators Association reported that NBA Jam had become the highest-earning arcade game of all time. The release of NBA Jam gave rise to a new genre of sports games which were based around fast, action-packed gameplay and exaggerated realism, a formula which Midway would also later apply to the sports of football (NFL Blitz), and hockey (2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge).

NBA Jam similarities with Stickman Basketball 2017:

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