7 Games Like Shark Tale


Akuatica: Turtle Racing, HarmoKnight, and Karateka are our top selection to play today.

The latest addition in this selection are Akuatica: Turtle Racing released the 16 November 2017 and ranked #1, Deadly Edge released the 28 July 2017 and ranked #4, HarmoKnight released the 28 March 2013 and ranked #2.

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This suggestion collection includes side-scrolling games for Android, Xbox One, PC Windows, Mac OS and 3DS. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list.

Logo of the video game Shark Tale

In the murky depths of the ocean, the fate of Reef City lies in the fins of one little fish--at least that's what he wants you to think. Dive into the underwater metropolis of Shark Tale and play as Oscar, a fast-talking fish whose little fib gets him into big trouble. Based on DreamWorks' animated film, Shark Tale features 25 missions that will have you exploring Reef City, racing through the coral, fighting Fish Fu and great white sharks, and dancing to the sounds of hip-hop tracks.

1# Akuatica: Turtle Racing - 2017

Screenshot of the video game Akuatica: Turtle Racing
Screenshot of the video game Akuatica: Turtle Racing
Screenshot of the video game Akuatica: Turtle Racing

Akuatica integrated puzzles into action adventure. Below are some highlighted features; Fast paced action encounters that require problem solving. With obvious clues.Multiple environments. From shallow river, coral reefs, open sea to the abyssal depth.Epic bosses and dozens of unique enemies.Meticulously sculpted visual style.

Akuatica: Turtle Racing similarities with Shark Tale:

2# HarmoKnight - 2013


A new rhythm-based action game from the makers of Pokémon! Jump, Hit, and Groove your way through 8 huge worlds More than 50 replayable levels in a digital package Bob your head to original music

HarmoKnight similarities with Shark Tale:

3# Karateka - 2012


From PRINCE OF PERSIA creator Jordan Mechner, the original side-scrolling karate classic comes to Steam with art by Jeff Matsuda (The Batman) and music by Grammy-winning composer Christopher Tin (CIVILIZATION IV).

Karateka similarities with Shark Tale:

4# Deadly Edge - 2012

Screenshot of the video game Deadly Edge
Screenshot of the video game Deadly Edge
Screenshot of the video game Deadly Edge

Featuring complex fighting moves and a rich story set in a dark grey fantasy world, Deadly Edge is an homage to 16 bit side-scrolling action adventures (and even fighting!) games from the 1990s. Every battle encountered is a one-on-one duel to the death dripping with lore and mystery.

Deadly Edge similarities with Shark Tale:

5# Power Rangers Samurai - 2011


Practice the mysterious Samurai Symbols of Power, activate your Ancient Samurai Sword Discs and become your favorite Power Ranger Samurai! Power Rangers Samurai video games for Nintendo Wii & DS - Coming Holiday 2011 Features

Power Rangers Samurai similarities with Shark Tale:

6# Def Jam: Icon - 2007


Infusing hip-hop music, culture and lifestyle into the gameplay, EA Chicago and Def Jam Interactive push the boundaries of game development, bringing unique and innovative content to the next generation of gaming. Music is the cornerstone of hip-hop culture so EA wanted to incorporate music and rhythm into the actual gameplay mechanics. EA Chicago delivers star-stunning action and bone breaking beats as players live out the life of a hip hop mogul, going from rags to riches.

Def Jam: Icon similarities with Shark Tale:

7# SHARK - 2004


In the game SHARK you control the shark, which should eat orange plankton to evolve. Do not fall into the fishing nets and dodge the flying harpoons in you! And do not try to swallow an underwater mine, it will also kill you!

SHARK similarities with Shark Tale:

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