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Reigns: Her Majesty, Reigns: Game Of Thrones, and Alluris are our top selection to play today.

The latest addition in this selection are Conqueror 940 AD released the 31 March 2021 and ranked #6, InfiniteCorp: Cyberpunk Revolution released the 22 February 2021 and ranked #12, Naudrion: Fall of The Empire released the 25 December 2020 and ranked #14.

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This suggestion collection includes card games where choices matter for Android, IOS (iPhone / iPad), PS4 (Playstation 4), Xbox One, Switch, PC Windows, Mac OS, Linux and 3DS. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list.

Logo of the video game Reigns

Each year of your reign brings another important seemingly random request from your unpredictable kingdom as you strive for balance between the church, the people, the army, and the treasury. Prudent decisions and careful planning make for a long reign but unforeseen motivations, surprise events, and poor luck can take down even the most entrenched monarch.

1# Reigns: Her Majesty - 2017


"Reigns: Her Majesty is the revolutionary sequel to the smash swipe ‘em up hit Reigns. A cultural renaissance has bestowed the world with a new era of knowledge and enlightenment but greed and jealousy still conspire against the benevolent queen. Outwit and outlast those that would seek to depose you and your husband by swiping left or right, making just (or unjust) decisions on all manner of royal matters. Maintain the balance between the kingdom’s most powerful factions, use mystical items from your inventory, and navigate the increasingly complex politics and personal relationships of your dynasty."

Reigns: Her Majesty similarities with Reigns:

2# Reigns: Game Of Thrones - 2018


Through the fiery visions of Melisandre, claim the Iron Throne as Cersei Lannister, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, and more to carefully navigate the complex relationships and hostile factions of the Seven Kingdoms. Impose Your Will: Swipe left or right to change the fate of the Seven Kingdoms forever as you hear the impassioned pleas and unpredictable demands from the people of Westeros.

Reigns: Game Of Thrones similarities with Reigns:

3# Alluris - 2019


Prepare to embark on a journey like no other in Alluris. Play as a reluctant hero or villain to save the world… or just save a colony of bears from some lumberjacks. However you play, you’re sure to walk away with a few crazy stories about your adventure.

Alluris similarities with Reigns:

4# Ortus Regni - 2016


Ortus Regni is a new and novel card game inspired by the late Anglo-Saxon period of English history. The Late Anglo-Saxon era in English history is a time of warring Earls. Minor kings all, they claim whatever lands they can. All the while, the Vikings roam not just the sea, but the land.

Ortus Regni similarities with Reigns:

5# Caravan - 2011


Are you ready to embark on a journey through deserts and dangers? Will you be able to safely navigate your fellowship through the lands of the Orient and uncover your destiny? Through strategic trading and traveling you will overcome obstacles and adversity.

Caravan similarities with Reigns:

6# Conqueror 940 AD - 2021

Screenshot of the video game Conqueror 940 AD
Screenshot of the video game Conqueror 940 AD
Screenshot of the video game Conqueror 940 AD

Conqueror 940 AD, a casual turn-based medieval town-builder where your decisions matter. As an ousted prince, you stumble upon empty land to build a kingdom from. How you fare and what you do with your rising power is up to you. Build, research, plan, do battle, and maybe even fall in love.

Conqueror 940 AD similarities with Reigns:

8# Citadels - 2013


The Legend Of King Arthur Reborn!A vast army has gathered in front of the castle gates and is preparing to attack King Arthur! How has it come to this? Witness important events in the history of the legendary king and accompany him and his army on the path to an uncertain future.

Citadels similarities with Reigns:

9# Dictator 2: Evolution - 2016


Meet the sequel to one of the best strategic games in the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, Russia, UK and many other countries! You must make wise and timely decisions, eliminate scheming enemies, pay tributes to true friends, deftly uncover plots, and expose insidious conspiracies. Experience this unique mix of card battles, strategy and the games prequel - Dictator: Revolt!

Dictator 2: Evolution similarities with Reigns:

10# The Guild 3 - 2017


Early Access

The Guild 3 is a fascinating trade and life simulation that takes place during the late Middle Ages. Step into the shoes of a citizen, acquire businesses and mansions, produce goods and trade them, start intrigues in politics and society, love, hate, bribe, fight and live through good and bad times!

The Guild 3 similarities with Reigns:

15# Love Letter - 2018


The princess has several suitors... but which of them will manage to charm her? Choose a strategy, be it through bluffing or power of deduction, to win your beloved's heart. The official adaptation of the renowned card game.

Love Letter similarities with Reigns:

16# Reigns: Kings & Queens - 2016


"Reigns: Kings & Queens brings together dynasties of Reigns and Reigns: Her Majesty in one regal presentation for the Nintendo Switch. Sit on the throne as a benevolent (or malevolent) monarch and swipe left and right to impose your will upon the kingdom. Survive the seemingly never-ending gauntlet of requests from your advisors, peasants, allies, and enemies while maintaining balance between the influential factions of your kingdom. But beware; each decision you make might have implications and unfortunate consequences down the road that could put your reign and family's dynasty at risk!"

Reigns: Kings & Queens similarities with Reigns:

17# Merchant of Phenistoria - 2017

Screenshot of the video game Merchant of Phenistoria
Screenshot of the video game Merchant of Phenistoria
Screenshot of the video game Merchant of Phenistoria

Early Access

Play the role of a merchant in a city full of heroes. Run your shop, sell your stuff. Will you become a skilled craftsman, a famous salesman or the man who owns a Phoenix egg? Welcome to Phenistoria!

Merchant of Phenistoria similarities with Reigns:

19# Shanghai Office Simulator - 2020

Screenshot of the video game Shanghai Office Simulator
Screenshot of the video game Shanghai Office Simulator
Screenshot of the video game Shanghai Office Simulator

Early Access

Shanghai Office Simulator is a satirical turn-based card strategy game, where you can make it to the top of your career ladder, by smashing all the snazzy-wiggles, paper-pushers, brown-nosers, and clock-jockeys standing in your way!

Shanghai Office Simulator similarities with Reigns:

20# Signs of the Sojourner - 2020


Signs of the Sojourner is a narrative deck-building game about relationships and communication. As you explore the world your experiences will change you. How will you grow? What will you leave behind? Who will you become?

Signs of the Sojourner similarities with Reigns:

22# Isles of Cubes - 2020

Screenshot of the video game Isles of Cubes
Screenshot of the video game Isles of Cubes
Screenshot of the video game Isles of Cubes

Early Access

Strategy Puzzle Game. Explore and colonize islands. Establish production chains. But your resources and space are limited. You must plan carefully.

Isles of Cubes similarities with Reigns:

23# Fate of the World - 2011


Fate of the World is a dramatic global strategy game that puts all our futures in your hands. The game features a dramatic set of scenarios based on the latest science covering the next two centuries. You must manage a balancing act of protecting the Earth’s resources and climate versus the needs of an ever-growing world population, who...

Fate of the World similarities with Reigns:

24# Lost in the Dungeon - 2018


A card-based grinding dungeon crawler that only the bravest adventurers can survive! Will you go full warrior, sneaky thief or powerful mage? Challenge your fears from any device at any time!

Lost in the Dungeon similarities with Reigns:

25# Stronghold Kingdoms - 2012


Live the life of a medieval lord online in Stronghold Kingdoms, the world’s first Castle MMO. Farm peacefully, engage in political mind games or lay siege to sworn enemies.

Stronghold Kingdoms similarities with Reigns:

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