3 Games Like Puzzle de Harvest Moon for Playstation 4


The latest addition in this selection are The Maestros released the 3 October 2018 and ranked #1, Harvest Moon: Light of Hope released the 13 November 2017 and ranked #2, Cultures released the 24 July 2001 and ranked #3.

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This suggestion collection includes farming fast-paced puzzle games. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list.

Logo of the video game Puzzle de Harvest Moon

Puzzle de Harvest Moon is a fast-paced, highly addictive puzzle game where you grow and harvest crops. Compete against your favorite Harvest Moon characters as you test your farming know-how!

Tags associated with Puzzle de Harvest Moon: farmingreal-timestrategycasualactioncompetitivesimulationcute

1# The Maestros - 2018


Early Access

The Maestros is a team vs team action-strategy arena about transforming cute animals and clunky robot minions into battle-ready beasts and bots. Pick a commander and beat down leafy monsters to build up your squad, then mutate them into a walking wombo combo your enemies won't soon forget.

The Maestros similarities with Puzzle de Harvest Moon:

2# Harvest Moon: Light of Hope - 2017


You drift into a small harbor town, now in shambles from the storm, where a young doctor named Jeanne saves your life. Nevertheless, with some hard work growing crops, tending livestock, and gathering materials for repairs, you will be able to make new friends, start a family, revive the lighthouse, and save the town, your new home!.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope similarities with Puzzle de Harvest Moon:

3# Cultures - 2001


Before Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492, the Vikings set out on their own journey of discovery and possible looting and pillaging. It is up to you to nurture and guide your people: determine their names, occupations, marital partners, and, eventually, the gender of their children. Inspired by Norse mythology, the real time strategy title, Cultures 2: Gates of Asgard, combines elements of simulation, adventure, and role-playing to immerse you in Bjarnis quest to defeat the fabled beast.

Cultures similarities with Puzzle de Harvest Moon:

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