43 Games Like Magical Otoge Ciel for Android


How to Take Off Your Mask, My Secret Pets!, and Lucy: The Eternity She Wished For are our top selection to play today.

The latest addition in this selection are MazM: The Phantom of the Opera released the 25 March 2021 and ranked #4, Red Embrace released the 15 February 2018 and ranked #20, miraclr: Divine Dating Sim released the 14 February 2018 and ranked #25.

43 Games like Magical Otoge Ciel for Android, daily generated comparing over 40 000 video games across all platforms.
This suggestion collection includes visual-novel games. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list.

Logo of the video game Magical Otoge Ciel

Ciel's story in Magical Otoge, a cheesy romantic comedy visual novel series with an overly literal name.

8# The Bell Chimes for Gold - 2015


Maria is a skilled and dedicated herbalist who suddenly gets dumped by her mentor... for another pretty girl. “With your skills in crafting, you can just buy any man you want.” After getting turned down with such cruel words, Maria declares: "I'm gonna make a buttload of money and marry someone!

The Bell Chimes for Gold similarities with Magical Otoge Ciel:

10# Amnesia: Memories - 2015


You awaken to find your memories gone. To learn the truth behind your amnesia, you’ll choose from five romantic paths, each its own world. With 20+ endings, can you write the lasting love story you deserve, or will your love and life come to an end?

Amnesia: Memories similarities with Magical Otoge Ciel:

11# One Thousand Lies - 2016


One day, Ciarán starts receiving enigmatic emails from a mysterious sender, turning his everyday life into a mess of a romantic comedy with psychological themes mixed in. What lies beyond the mystery he's been presented with? In the words of Harry H.: "If you want to know the truth, go find it".

One Thousand Lies similarities with Magical Otoge Ciel:

13# Clannad - 2015


From the world renowned visual novel studio Key, the highly rated story of CLANNAD is now available on Steam! Improved visuals, achievement integration, and Dangopedia make this the best version of CLANNAD to date.

Clannad similarities with Magical Otoge Ciel:

19# OMEGA PATTERN - 2016

Screenshot of the video game OMEGA PATTERN
Screenshot of the video game OMEGA PATTERN
Screenshot of the video game OMEGA PATTERN

However, genetics and fate mean that a few individuals are born with a kind of Pattern or special brain signal which lets them develop unique and varied psychic skills that are determined by their life experiences, which form their behavior and character. These Agents are people who own the Pattern and have been coerced, bought, forced and even captured against their will to be brainwashed and indoctrinated, so they can faithfully serve the Bioagora. Shaiel (21 years old), a man who possesses the Pattern, has found himself forced to live in secrecy in order to avoid falling into the hands of the Bioagora.

OMEGA PATTERN similarities with Magical Otoge Ciel:



Omega Pattern is a Visual Novel which offers a variable multiple-choice decision system. This means that both the number of decision points and the number of choices or options that you will find in those decision points may vary according to your previous decisions during the game.

OMEGA PATTERN - VISUAL NOVEL similarities with Magical Otoge Ciel:

23# One Manga Day - 2014

Screenshot of the video game One Manga Day
Screenshot of the video game One Manga Day
Screenshot of the video game One Manga Day

Manga are comics created in Japan. The problem for most people is, as they're made in Japan they're only produced in Japanese; someone has to translate them to English! Is one man able to accomplish this? Is there more to his team's relationships other than business? Can everything in a translator's life be simple and clear?

One Manga Day similarities with Magical Otoge Ciel:

24# MajorMinor - 2016


A highly engaging visual novel, with memorable characters and multiple endings. Traverse worlds, solve a murder mystery -- and partake in political revolution. Inspired by greats such as Steins;Gate, Tales of Symphonia, Persona 4 and Future Diary. An unforgettable science-fiction/fantasy adventure!

MajorMinor similarities with Magical Otoge Ciel:

25# miraclr: Divine Dating Sim - 2017


miraclr is a comedic workplace romance starring the biblical (and apocryphal) archangels, told in an office collaboration app. Events unfold in real-time on miraclr, so be sure to check the app regularly for new channel activity or direct messages!

miraclr: Divine Dating Sim similarities with Magical Otoge Ciel:

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