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Gemini, Somewhere: The Vault Papers, and Harmonix Music VR are our top selection to play today.

The latest addition in this selection are Somewhere: The Vault Papers released the 7 March 2018 and ranked #2, Harmonix Music VR released the 12 October 2016 and ranked #3, Gemini released the 12 January 2014 and ranked #1.

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This suggestion collection includes interactive games for Android, PS4 (Playstation 4), Switch and PC Windows. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list.

In continuing efforts to deliver fresh, new and innovative ideas to the industry, Sony is pleased to introduce the newest offering available only on the PLAYSTATION3 (PS3) via PlayStationNetwork -- .detuned. .detuned is another product from the demoscene -- a passionate group of artists and visionaries who live on the edge of technology -- and is proof of Sonys mission in continuing to work with independent developers to create and deliver non-traditional experiences to players of all interest levels. Power of the PS3 Utilizing the processing power of the PS3, .detuned allows players the unique opportunity to create and interact with their artwork in a stunning and crisp HD environment that brings their visions to life in real-time.Accessible Controls Let your creative juices flow using the SIXAXIS Wireless Controllers easy, pick-up-and-play controls that allow for hours of creativity for gamers of all types.

1# Gemini - 2014


Encountering another of your kind, you move in tandem to explore mythical spaces. Together you will twirl and surf in fluid motions, share moments of joy, overcome obstacles, and discover the meaning of your journey.

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2# Somewhere: The Vault Papers - 2018


She reaches out to you via text message, and your job is to guide her through a series of challenges and situations to help her investigate and...stay alive! Search clues on the Web, face random events, help her find her way using navigation apps, but beware, your choices will have consequences! Reach one of the different endings and then you'll be able to jump back to earlier points in the story, see what happens when you make a different choice, and explore different paths.

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3# Harmonix Music VR - 2016


Unlock the transcendent potential of your music with Harmonix Music VR™. From a wacky dance party, to 3D reactive art, and even a nice relaxing alien beach, Harmonix Music VR is the next evolution of your music library.

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4# Linger in Shadows - 2008


Linger in Shadows™ is not a game, but rather an experiment into the realm of interactive digital art. Created by a collective of talented artists based in Poland known as Plastic, Linger in Shadows delivers cutting-edge graphics technology and is the first “demoscene” project to ever hit a home console. Bringing this underground digital art culture exclusively to the PLAYSTATION®Network, it delivers a truly unique journey that will challenge and entertain you, and change the way you think about games and art forever.

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