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The latest addition in this selection are REFLEC BEAT released the 5 November 2012 and ranked #1.

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The dance floor fills, the line gets longer… come on down, it's time to conga! Shake your virtual hips to the ridiculously fun arcade action of Conga Master as everyone fights to make the longest conga line possible. No rhythm required – anyone can conga! Playing Conga Master couldn't be easier: steer your dancer across the floor, adding people to your line as you go. Longer congas let you add people faster, but watch out for pigs stinking up your line! Even better, drag three friends onto the dance floor for some local multiplayer conga madness and see who'll become the true Conga Master!

Tags associated with Conga Master: musicarcadelocalmultiplayerrhythmbowling

1# REFLEC BEAT - 2012


REFLEC BEAT + is a new type of rhythm game where you tap moving objects in time with the beat to battle it out with your opponent for the highest score! Earn points by tapping the bar at the exact time the target objects pass over. Keep a lookout for additional, familiar favorites that we'll be releasing through updates!

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