8 Games Like 2V Hoverbike for Linux


ARMED SEVEN, Huge Enemy - Worldbreakers, and Iro Hero are our top selection to play today.

The latest addition in this selection are Huge Enemy - Worldbreakers released the 7 September 2018 and ranked #2, Chewbrick released the 13 June 2018 and ranked #4, Iro Hero released the 31 May 2018 and ranked #3.

8 Games like 2V Hoverbike for Linux, daily generated comparing over 40 000 video games across all platforms.
This suggestion collection includes action shoot-em-up games. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list.

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2V Hoverbike is a horizontal shoot 'em up.

Tags associated with 2V Hoverbike: actionbossscrollingshoot-em-upcartoonymultiplayer

1# ARMED SEVEN - 2015


The year is 1989. 12 years have passed since the Gogoh Army’s invasion of Earth. Exposure to alien technology during the war enabled Earth’s own technologies to take massive leaps forward. International conflict that was previously rife in the history of mankind fell to an all-time low, and the Earth Federation was established as a...

ARMED SEVEN similarities with 2V Hoverbike:

2# Huge Enemy - Worldbreakers - 2018


Huge Enemy - Worldbreakers is a side-scrolling Shootem'Em Up that takes place in a rich environment designed in Full HD. Immerse yourself in a Dark Sci-Fi universe with Japanese influences.

Huge Enemy - Worldbreakers similarities with 2V Hoverbike:

3# Iro Hero - 2018


In a world where humans are used as power supplies, only one man has the will to change it all! Iro Hero is a vertical shoot ’em up with beautiful pixel art graphics inspired by many old-school classics. Staged across 9 action-packed levels, Iro Hero features a unique and fresh four-color polarity system, with interactive elements,...

Iro Hero similarities with 2V Hoverbike:

4# Chewbrick - 2018

Screenshot of the video game Chewbrick
Screenshot of the video game Chewbrick
Screenshot of the video game Chewbrick

Early Access

Arcade shoot'em up. Dodge ORBs, destroy them with different weapons and superpowers, pick up bonuses and crystals to improve Chewbrick.

Chewbrick similarities with 2V Hoverbike:

5# Big Action Mega Fight! - 2013


Big Action Mega Fight! is a classic single player beat 'em up/brawler with a modern twist! Hilarious 2D cartoon combat inspired by Streets of Rage, Final Fight, Turtles in Time and Battletoads. Blast your way through levels filled with luscious art and unforgettable enemies. How fast can you SMASH?

Big Action Mega Fight! similarities with 2V Hoverbike:

6# Stargunner - 1996


In the far distant future, an epic war for survival takes place... Deep within the Andromeda galaxy, the people of Zile grow restless and greedy. The Zilions secretly prepare for a massive strike against the nearby planet Ytima. Fearing such an attack, the Ytimians train an elite squad of "Stargunners.

Stargunner similarities with 2V Hoverbike:

7# Gunstar Heroes - 1993


The Gunstar family are the protectors of the planet Gunstar 9. After many years of peace, vicious dictator Colonel Red kidnapped the Gunstar twins’ older brother and used mind control to make him his slave.

Gunstar Heroes similarities with 2V Hoverbike:

8# Cannon Fodder - 1993


Do n't wait till you see the whites of their eyes ... Do n't kid yourself it will be over by Christmas ... Do n't try to shut out the screams ... And do n't forget to wash your hands afterwards ... From a queue of some 360 `` eager '' conscripts waiting to go to war , a team of up to six will `` volunteer '' for each new mission . Encourage your soldiers to shoot anything that moves , throw grenades , fire bazookas , drive tanks , fly choppers , split up and do their own thing ... and die ... Guide your no-hoper 's troop straight through deadly missions . And if you lose some of them ? There 's more where that came from ...

Cannon Fodder similarities with 2V Hoverbike:

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