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The latest addition in this selection are Geography Quiz released the 13 March 2018 and ranked #1, Super Smart released the 28 September 2012 and ranked #2, YOU DON'T KNOW JACK Vol. 1 XL released the 12 September 1995 and ranked #3.

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Logo of the video game 1 vs. 100

1 vs. 100 for the Nintendo DS recreates the fun of the hit TV show, while 4 additional game modes bring on new and competitive excitement. - New game modes include Fortune Prediction mode (make wagers on each trivia question),
- Play multiplayer in the traditional TV mode; up to 3 players play as part of the Mob against the other player
- Licensed "1 vs. 100" artwork, soundtrack, and sound effects
- Game features popular TV Host, Actor, and Comedian Bob Saget
- Use either the DS touchpad or analog controls

2# Super Smart - 2012


Super Smart is a fun and addictive quiz game with quick questions, quirky answers, crazy power-ups and your own customizable avatar! Get super smart today by getting Super Smart today!

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3# YOU DON'T KNOW JACK Vol. 1 XL - 1995


The original PC sensation that started it all! We've brought it back in all its virginal glory! The world was a much simpler place in 1995. The kids were listening to the grunge, the first test-tube gorilla was born at the Cincinnati Zoo, and a little trivia game called YOU DON’T KNOW JACK took the interactive CD-ROM trivia game show...

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