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The best 50 Nature games daily generated by our specialised A.I. comparing over 40 000 video games across all platforms for Android, IOS (iPhone / iPad), PS4 (Playstation 4), PS5 (Playstation 5), Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Switch, PC Windows, Mac OS, Linux and HTC Vive. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list.

The latest addition in this selection are Hidden Shapes - Animals released the 14 April 2021 and ranked #44, Darkwaronline released the 12 April 2021 and ranked #42, LONELINESS SIMULATOR IN RUSSIAN VILLAGE released the 9 April 2021 and ranked #43.

2# Roki - 2020


Rediscover magic and chart your adventure through this forgotten northern world of mystery and monsters. Find your courage, discover hidden paths, solve ancient puzzles and travel deeper through the icy land to learn the truth.

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6# Summer in Mara - 2020


Take care of your own island and explore the ocean in this farming adventure. Summer in Mara mix farming, crafting and exploring mechanic in a tropical archipelago with a colorful style and strong narrative.

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9# Spirit of the North - 2020


Spirit of the North is a single-player 3rd-person adventure game inspired by the breathtaking and mysterious landscapes of Iceland. Play as an ordinary red fox whose story becomes entwined with the guardian of the Northern Lights, a female spirit fox.

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10# Feather - 2019


Feather is a serene game about exploration and immersion in a beautiful landscape. Become a bird, fly around and lose yourself in zen-like flow whilst listening to the soothing ambient soundtrack.

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11# Nanuleu - 2016


Nanuleu is a strategy game where you control a network of magical trees that protect the land from an invading dark force. Gather resources and grow trees to repel the invaders. Each tree has a different role to play in this battle to protect the land.

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12# The Tree - 2020


Grow an emblematic tree in each different world inspired by popular folklore (Brocéliandre forest, Native Americans, Vikings, Medieval Japan).

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14# Hunting - 2021


With your hunting dog by your side, explore the Texan desert and forests of Colorado and Europe as you track down 33 animal species. Choose your gear from over 160 official weapons, accessories and clothing items (including Browning, Winchester and Bushnell).

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17# Discover - 2020


Travel and you can explore uncharted lands, collect resources and find some treasures in this relaxing game. And you may be able to find something interesting. Adventure and beautiful views of nature await you.

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18# Lone Wolf - 2020


A third-person exploration game placed inside of an eye-catching stylized forest. Players control a stunning wolf who was born without a pack and is trying to find a place where he fits in. Along the way, players encounter other animals and secrets which will lead you to uncover your true self.

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19# Stone it! - 2020


Stone it! - logic puzzle game: Roll the block to the target through winding paths, elevators, bridges. Think over your steps and use lasers to clear your way.

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21# AWAY: The Survival Series - 2021


Inspired by nature documentaries, AWAY: The Survival Series takes you on the Sugar Glider's breathtaking journey into the wild. As cataclysmic storms bear down on the planet, immerse yourself in nature and explore a vibrant world brimming with life, but beware of the dangers that lie ahead...

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22# Potentia - 2021

Screenshot of the video game Potentia
Screenshot of the video game Potentia
Screenshot of the video game Potentia

Third person shooter action adventure game with post-apocalyptic theme. Witness the adventures of Victor and his friends in this abandoned world.

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24# Pocket Plants - 2020

Screenshot of the video game Pocket Plants
Screenshot of the video game Pocket Plants
Screenshot of the video game Pocket Plants

Explore environments as a mushroom man, collecting, planting, and watering plants to level up and restore the area by clearing fog or restoring crystal light.

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25# Buissons - 2021


Take control of a bush and challenge your friends in a hide and seek game up to 4 players. Move at night and use the day as an opportunity to observe and beat your opponents. Use the secrets of nature to trap them. Get ready to laugh!

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