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Bugsnax (2020)

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Dive into the quirky world of Bugsnax! As a journalist, you'll explore the diverse Snaktooth Island, solve its mysteries, and capture 100 unique Bugsnax. With charming characters, engaging gameplay, and endless customization, you'll be captivated by this delightful adventure.

What we like:
  • Innovative creature-catching gameplay
  • Rich, immersive world with diverse biomes
  • Entertaining and distinct characters
  • Fun, fitting soundtrack
  • Engaging side quests and challenges
What could be improved:
  • None

  • puzzle
  • narrative
  • adventure
  • mystery
  • cute
  • muppet
  • horror
  • first-person
  • discovery
  • story
  • colourful
  • controller-support
  • inventive
  • physics
  • comedy

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