4 Best 1950s games


The best 4 1950s games daily generated by our specialised A.I. comparing over 40 000 video games across all platforms for PC Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list.

The latest addition in this selection are Fantasy Ball released the 10 August 2018 and ranked #3, The Mystery of Devils House released the 11 May 2018 and ranked #4, New York Mysteries: High Voltage released the 12 January 2016 and ranked #1.

1# New York Mysteries: High Voltage - 2016


The hit New York Mysteries series continues! When a string of strange murders strikes New York City, you are called in to investigate. Witness reports point to otherworldly forces, since no human could have committed the crimes. You quickly realize the truth is even weirder than you could have imagined – a mysterious electrical force has been traveling through the city to claim its victims. Can you track down whomever – or whatever – is behind the murders and short circuit their deadly plans? Find out in this electrifying Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

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2# Jerry McPartlin - Rebel with a Cause - 2015


Discover the sinister secret of Barnett Springs, help Jerry solve a mysterious murder before a shifty FBI agent jumps to the wrong conclusion, and prove that Rock’n’Roll is anything but the devil’s music. Maybe you can even help Jerry to impress Luna, or at least get the better of Jimmy Lash.

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3# Fantasy Ball - 2018


Fantasy Ball is a 4 Players Local-multiplayer Fast-paced Fantasy Sports Arena Game. Play fantasy characters in frantic matches set in a cartoon world and score as many goals as possible!

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4# The Mystery of Devils House - 2018


The Mystery of Devil's House is a 2D Horror Action Platformer based on the story of the Haunted house called William's House located in Massachusetts investigated by The Ghostbuster Crew: International.

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