8 Games Like Turmoil for Nintendo 3DS


Of Mice and Sand: Revised, My Vet Practice, and Negative World are our top selection to play today.

The latest addition in this selection are Negative World released the 21 August 2018 and ranked #3, Balloon released the 7 February 2018 and ranked #4, Of Mice and Sand: Revised released the 20 December 2017 and ranked #1.

8 Games like Turmoil for Nintendo 3DS, daily generated comparing over 40 000 video games across all platforms.
This suggestion collection includes strategy simulation games. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list.

Logo of the video game Turmoil

The player controls a space ship which is trapped in an area consisting of seven tunnels which are connected by a vertical shaft. Enemies are attacking the player from left and right and it is the objective of the player to destroy as many attackers as possible using the shaft. You can't, however, hover at one spot for too long since an invincible enemy will appear, forcing the player to change positions eventually.

3# Negative World - 2018


Jump your way up to the next layer of the sky, and discover what's on the other side of the clouds. Negative World is a 2D puzzle platformer where "The Wanderer" has a limited amount of jumps due to the less than plentiful amount of oxygen.

Negative World similarities with Turmoil:

4# Balloon - 2018


A fun arcade game of skill and reaction. You have to control the balloon piloted by the brave treasure hunter. Your goal - to collect treasure from each room and stay alive.

Balloon similarities with Turmoil:

5# Unholy Heights - 2013


Welcome to Unholy Heights, a mashup of Tower Defense and Apartment Management Simulation! The Devil has converted a tenement building into monsters-only housing, and has big plans for the future. Sucker monsters into moving into your building, charge them rent and keep them happy by buying them furniture.

Unholy Heights similarities with Turmoil:

6# Climber - 2013


Early Access

Climber is a game in which you need to go as far as possible. Originally there is a car on which you can travel around the countryside. Other cars and tracks are bought for coins earned by you in race.

Climber similarities with Turmoil:

7# Real Heroes: Firefighter - 2009


In this first-person fire & rescue action game, pull on the soot-stained boots of an everyday hero. As a newly-graduated academy cadet getting their start in a big city fire station, players must use the tools of the trade, like the axe, hose and saw to battle raging blazes, tackle explosive environments and rescue survivors.

Real Heroes: Firefighter similarities with Turmoil:

8# Gallop & Ride! - 2008


Take on the ownership of the Old Mill Ranch—it's up to you to renovate, manage and care for the stables and your horses. Create the horse of your dreams from hundreds of combinations of coats, manes, saddles, bridles, blankets and more! Grow your stable and business, by adding new buildings and welcoming guests to your ranch.

Gallop & Ride! similarities with Turmoil:

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