4 Games Like Paladins Strike for PC Windows


NEO Impossible Bosses, Subsiege, and Demigod are our top selection to play today.

The latest addition in this selection are NEO Impossible Bosses released the 13 February 2018 and ranked #1, Subsiege released the 8 March 2017 and ranked #2, League of Legends released the 27 October 2009 and ranked #4.

4 Games like Paladins Strike daily generated comparing over 40 000 video games across all platforms.
This suggestion collection includes top-down view real-time games (MOBA) for PC Windows and Mac OS. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list.

Logo of the video game Paladins Strike

Paladins Strike is built for mobile, featuring real-time 5v5 battles from a top-down view against players from around the world. Fans of Paladins: Champions of the Realm and new players alike will enjoy the MOBA-style gameplay and exciting fantasy world.

2# Subsiege - 2017


Subsiege is an intense real-time tactic game with focus on massive 12 player battles. In a grasping deep sea world, you command a hand-picked squad of hero-like units to contend merciless sea monsters and fierce competitors while your oxygen runs out with every breath. Can you stand the pressure?

Subsiege similarities with Paladins Strike:

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