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Tormented 12, 7 Days in Dream, and Aplestia are our top selection to play today.

The latest addition in this selection are I'm an adventurer released the 23 October 2018 and ranked #34, IronBorn released the 12 September 2018 and ranked #30, Hero of the Kingdom III released the 30 August 2018 and ranked #11.

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This suggestion collection includes RPG games for Android, PS4 (Playstation 4), PC Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list.

Logo of the video game Lycah

Lycah - The Enchantress is an episodic saga from the team behind the Thorne series that puts you in the role of Lycah, a young woman troubled by her past.

5# Rule with an Iron Fish - 2016


Become the greatest pirate captain that ever fished! Add more pirates to your burgeoning island town! Listen to all their nonsensical complaints! Fish in ludicrous locations like swamps, active volcanoes and the sky! A relaxing experience set in a charming, whimsical world. Come catch all the fish!

Rule with an Iron Fish similarities with Lycah:

6# Cavern of Time - 2017

Screenshot of the video game Cavern of Time
Screenshot of the video game Cavern of Time
Screenshot of the video game Cavern of Time

The Cavern of Time is an RPG/Adventure game where you guide the journey of a young girl. Can you find the magical locket in this perilous realm and cure your beloved grandmother's illness? Visit the Cavern of Time and find out!

Cavern of Time similarities with Lycah:

7# Midnight's Blessing 2 - 2017


A mysterious force targets Sidni, and she must flee to keep her home and friends safe! Sidni finds herself in a strange land that holds the keys to her past. On her adventure, she meets new friends and discovers a bizarre army, which is amassing to sweep the world, with herself as its primary target!

Midnight's Blessing 2 similarities with Lycah:

8# Villager's Biography - 2018

Screenshot of the video game Villager's Biography
Screenshot of the video game Villager's Biography
Screenshot of the video game Villager's Biography

Nowadays, the villagers, each more awesome than the next. There are not many villagers like you who have worked hard to earn money. Collecting, fishing, stealing, working, cooking, a variety of ways to make money, two actress in a leading role can be married. The next life winner is you!

Villager's Biography similarities with Lycah:

9# The Exorcist - 2017


Early Access

You are a young exorcist Alonso that starts a dangerous adventure. You will face the real evil - Sargatans. A bloodthirsty and terrible demon has challenged you, and now you need to start your own investigation by pursuing him. In "The Exorcist" you will be scared, so much scared...

The Exorcist similarities with Lycah:

11# Hero of the Kingdom III - 2018


Your uncle Brent raised you as a skilled hunter. Fate, however, gave you a different path than a peaceful village life. An ancient evil awakened, shattering the whole kingdom. Dark monsters climbed out of holes and people died under the falling mountains. You are left alone to face the great evil. You must set out on a long journey through the four valleys and save the kingdom on the brink of destruction. Your courage and your skills will forge a new hero of the kingdom.

Hero of the Kingdom III similarities with Lycah:

13# Crazy Cat - 2018


Crazy Cat is a simulation adventure game, the player plays a cat, shuttle in the jungle grass, adventure all the way! Green-based tone of the screen, allowing players to experience the fun back to nature!    The game is simple, but rich in content.

Crazy Cat similarities with Lycah:

14# Asura Valley - 2018

Screenshot of the video game Asura Valley
Screenshot of the video game Asura Valley
Screenshot of the video game Asura Valley

In this game,You must do everything you can to defeat the king and become the new king . Then click on "The next year" to challenge your own kingdom.(The next year of the "Asura King" will inherit your skills, Enhances, Creeds, and the way you fight, and feel the mood of the NPCS you bullied last year.

Asura Valley similarities with Lycah:

15# Der einzig wahre Auserwahlte - 2017


If you hate standard fantasy storys then you might love this one for it makes fun of all established fantasy cliches. This is more than just another RPG Maker game – it is a well written story, full of black humor with lots of different puzzles and quests that you have never seen before!

Der einzig wahre Auserwahlte similarities with Lycah:

18# Wolfsong - 2016


Wolfsong is a story-rich experience detailing how a simple mistake can be the beginning of immense and terrible things. The heroes will attempt to stop a great war that could plague the land for generations. Heavily inspired by classic rpgs from the snes era and attempts to pay homage to them in many ways.

Wolfsong similarities with Lycah:

19# Onmyoji - 2018


Onmyoji is a turn-based fantasy strategy game with PVP or PVE battles, where you can strengthen your beloved shikigami to build your dream tactical team and defeat various demons to become the ultimate onmyoji. Cross-platform play available for both Steam and English mobile versions.

Onmyoji similarities with Lycah:

21# Black River - 2017


Black River is a Survival-Horror RPG worth 3-5 hours of intense gameplay where you ultimately have to turn the table on those who want to harm you. It is not about escaping the village of Black River, it's about putting an end to its misery!

Black River similarities with Lycah:

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