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Cavernaut, All is Lost, and Paper Trail are our top selection to play today.

The latest addition in this selection are Debris Infinity released the 8 December 2017 and ranked #9, Timber West released the 6 December 2017 and ranked #6, The Thing: Space X released the 20 September 2017 and ranked #11.

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This suggestion collection includes action games for Android, Win Mobile, Switch, PC Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list.

Logo of the video game Go Home Dizzy

Help the dizzy Knights get home from the tavern. Watch out for skeletons!

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1# Cavernaut - 2015


"With simple but addictive mechanics and a very efficient control system, Cavernaut is a small but truly enjoyable mobile game." + A randomly generated cave thats different each time you play + Simple touch/tilt controls for super-smooth flying + Five areas with increasing difficulty to master + Lots of upgrades for your ship + Cool neo-retro graphics + Game Center leaderboard and achievements + Old-school pay once & play, no free-to-play Collect luminum crystals, the universal currency in this part of the galaxy, and use them to buy a bigger fuel tank for your ship.

Cavernaut similarities with Go Home Dizzy:

2# All is Lost - 2016


In the distant future, mankind is scattered across a vast and dangerous universe. The crews of massive space stations live in a constant struggle for survival. - explore a variety of spacecraft as you rescue crew members from certain doom - intuitively control your character and the environment as you navigate a path to safety - experience gorgeous visuals in a variety of cosmic environments - universal app optimized for iPhones, iPads, and iPods - achievements and online leaderboards - GameCenter and iCloud support

All is Lost similarities with Go Home Dizzy:

3# Paper Trail - 2014


In Paper Trail, there are only two actions: turn left or turn right. The entire screen is your game controller--you can touch anywhere on the right half to turn right and anywhere on the left half to turn left.

Paper Trail similarities with Go Home Dizzy:

4# Aliens Drive Me Crazy - 2014


Take control of your car and blast your way through the city to reach an alien's base! - Customize your character and unlock cars as you progress - Compare scores and achievements with your friends - Get ready for great adventure with this instantly playable and simple to control game

Aliens Drive Me Crazy similarities with Go Home Dizzy:

6# Timber West - 2017


Timber West is a fast paced arcade game with unique one touch shooting mechanics. Visit little western towns, indian villages, abandoned mines and canions. Features - 16+ levels - 30+ characters with unique weapons to unlock - 50+ ugly enemies - special levels (cans, bottles, balloons) - boss fights - retro 8-bit soundtrack by Timberman music composer (Stalek) - pixel art graphics and retro style feeling - unique one touch mechanics - Game Center leaderboards & achievements - full iPhone X support - have even more fun on bigger screen.

Timber West similarities with Go Home Dizzy:

8# TRAP DA GANG - 2016


Basic gameplay is challenging, fun, and wonderfully reminiscent of vintage arcade games from the mid-1980s. Guide the gangs to the trap by using your high IQ brain and the very old but very effective weapon Ladder. These are sometimes called ADS but please understand they are very important HQs financial resource.

TRAP DA GANG similarities with Go Home Dizzy:

9# Debris Infinity - 2017

Screenshot of the video game Debris Infinity
Screenshot of the video game Debris Infinity
Screenshot of the video game Debris Infinity

Early Access

Be elusive! Be intense! Be constant! Put your reflexes to the limit, manipulating time itself to make impossible maneuvers, using an advance scoring system to rank your performance!

Debris Infinity similarities with Go Home Dizzy:

11# The Thing: Space X - 2017


At your disposal are a dozen of the best combat spacecraft equipped with death beams, machine guns and missiles. The sector is divided into several subsectors, which swarm with enemies. In the end, you will have an unbeatable boss - the "Thing".

The Thing: Space X similarities with Go Home Dizzy:

13# Iris Synthesis - 2014

Screenshot of the video game Iris Synthesis
Screenshot of the video game Iris Synthesis
Screenshot of the video game Iris Synthesis

You are presented with a shape that will form somewhere in 10 seconds inside an iris composed of rotating blocks. Features: - A refreshing game concept based on prediction. Iris Synthesis is completely free to play, but you can also purchase some items within the game for real money.

Iris Synthesis similarities with Go Home Dizzy:

15# Daddy Was A Thief - 2013


Bank staff is usually friendly and polite. This time something went wrong! Gain as much money as you can! Hurry! Everyone try to catch you, but you are clever, aren’t you? Find combo speed boosts, shortcuts and grab power-ups to survive.

Daddy Was A Thief similarities with Go Home Dizzy:

16# Mega Run - Redford's Adventure - 2012


Mega Run - Redfords Adventure is an epic platform game complete with an incredible cast of characters, fantastical landscapes to explore, and stacks of explosive powerups! Join us on the Mega Run - Redfords Adventure Facebook Page: https://www.

Mega Run - Redford's Adventure similarities with Go Home Dizzy:

17# Everyday Spelunker - 2013


If Spelunkers crazy antics warm your heart, then take heed; two brand new adventures can be purchased from within the game: Episode 2: Deep into Another Mine and Episode 3: New Challenges. New endless continues feature may let you complete the game for the very first time.

Everyday Spelunker similarities with Go Home Dizzy:

18# Crumble Zone - 2012


Action-packed gameplay Vibrant artistic graphics, optimized for retina display Challenging levels but easy to learn and simple to control Eight special weapons to get! 5/5 Surviving as long as you can is key, and because Crumble Zone has addictive gameplay, you will return time and time again to see if you can do better.

Crumble Zone similarities with Go Home Dizzy:

19# Angry Birds Rio HD - 2011


If you get stuck on a level, this cool creature will dive from the skies to smash those meddling monkeys into oblivion. Power-ups include the Sling Scope for laser targeting, Power Potion to supersize your birds, Samba Burst for dancing destruction, TNT for a little explosive help and Call the Flock for a blizzard of Macaw mayhem! Terms of Use: This application may require internet connectivity and subsequent data transfer charges may apply.

Angry Birds Rio HD similarities with Go Home Dizzy:

20# Lep's World - 2011


"Lep's World" is a legendary 2D platformer / sidescroller ( or jump and run), with over 175 million downloads! PLEASE NOTE: Lep's World is completely free to play, but there may be some in-game items that you can purchase. If you don't want to use this feature, simply disable the in-app purchase in your device settings mode.

Lep's World similarities with Go Home Dizzy:

21# Line Birds - 2011


Unlock new birds as you progress through the game. 5 different beautiful designed birds to unlock Special abilities for each bird Simple one touch control gameplay Three game modes from easy to hard Various achievements to unlock Full Gamecenter integration Online and Offline leaderboard and highscore system

Line Birds similarities with Go Home Dizzy:

22# Breakout - 2011


The objective of the game is to destroy a multilayered wall of bricks at the top the screen. Upon hitting the bricks with a ball which bounces off of a paddle at the bottom of the screen the bricks are destroyed. If the player misses the ball with his horizontally moveable paddle the ball is lost. After loosing five balls the game is over.

Breakout similarities with Go Home Dizzy:

23# Robot Unicorn Attack - 2010


-Touch Arcade "There's nothing better than storming the purple shores of some nameless land as a robot, rainbow-sh***ing unicorn to the beat of Erasure's 'Always'. " -Kotaku Finally, the addicting Internet sensation gallops majestically onto Android Market Everyone has dreamseven robot unicorns.

Robot Unicorn Attack similarities with Go Home Dizzy:

24# Mr. DRILLER W - 2009


Mr. Driller W is the new and updated installment of the exciting, classic game challenging you with level upon level of frantic, underground, drilling action! A playable tutorial will even help first-time players learn the game’s rules quickly and easily!

Mr. DRILLER W similarities with Go Home Dizzy:

25# Space Invaders - 2009


Experience the King of Shooting Games, the arcade hit that captured the hearts of legions of fans and took the world by storm! This edition features three control methods, four screen modes, and bonus extras including rare material from the original game's development!.

Space Invaders similarities with Go Home Dizzy:

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