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Sushi Go!, POKER DICE SOLITAIRE FUTURE, and Onirim are our top selection to play today.

The latest addition in this selection are Mille Bornes released the 22 November 2017 and ranked #7, Harald: A Game of Influence released the 28 September 2017 and ranked #17, Mystic Miracles released the 15 September 2017 and ranked #9.

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This suggestion collection includes online board games for Android, IOS (iPhone / iPad), Win Mobile, PS4 (Playstation 4), Xbox One, PC Windows, Mac OS, Linux and 3DS. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list.

Logo of the video game Gin Rummy Plus

Join the worlds most popular Gin Rummy Game and play live with millions of real players. ENJOY UNIQUE MULTIPLAYER MODE - Compete with hundreds of thousands elite Gin Rummy players all around the world and prove youre the champion of the leaderboard.

1# Sushi Go! - 2016


"...it's one of the most compelling card games we've played on iOS..." -AppSpy "... a definite buy ..." - TouchArcade Score points for making the most maki rolls or for collecting a full set of sashimi. game with original artwork * New adorable animations, opponent and chef characters * Universal app - play on your iPhone and iPad * Play locally against AI characters * Play online against Game Center friends * 25+ Achievements to test your mettle

Sushi Go! similarities with Gin Rummy Plus:

3# Onirim - 2017


"Asmodee Digital has been doing a great job with their virtual board game releases, and Onirim is just another fantastic addition." In addition to the exciting solo mode, players will enjoy the intuitive user interface, automated deck management, and stats to track their progress and successes against the game! Offline stats record so you can track your progress No in-app purchases or ads Languages available: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Onirim similarities with Gin Rummy Plus:

5# Ultimate Cribbage - 2016


Features: Classic cribbage board for two Intuitive gameplay Options: 6 difficulty levels and more coming soon! Detailed crib, hand, and play score breakdowns every round Classic, Muggins, and Shotgun Cribbage variants Challenges: Ace our challenges to bring new difficulty levels online.

Ultimate Cribbage similarities with Gin Rummy Plus:

6# Spades Plus - 2014


Spades also have different game modes like Whiz, Mirror, Suicide & Solo, which are popular in different countries. Different Game Modes: Whiz, Mirror, Suicide & Solo Earn more than 5000 Chips by logging in Play in VIP rooms and Create your own Public & Private Rooms by deciding bet amount and limits Play Spades with Blind Nil & Nil bets Join to your friends tables with one click and start to play with them Chat with Other Players and Add them as Friends Create your Own Community

Spades Plus similarities with Gin Rummy Plus:

7# Mille Bornes - 2017


Rediscover the original French racing card game in this digital adaptation! Trust your steering wheel, and be the first of your friends to reach the finish line! But be careful: a flat tire, an accident, or an empty gas tank could be lurking at every turn!

Mille Bornes similarities with Gin Rummy Plus:

8# Clue: Classic Mystery Game - 2017


Clue is the classic mystery game - A grand mansion a dastardly murder a gathering of suspicious characters. Join Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, Mrs Peacock, Mr Green, Dr Orchid and Professor Plum on a night of murder and mystery in Tudor Mansion. Roll the dice to move around the mansion and ask questions: I suggest it was Miss Scarlet, with the Rope, in the Study!

Clue: Classic Mystery Game similarities with Gin Rummy Plus:

9# Mystic Miracles - 2015


It is also online multiplayer for 3-5 people, in which you play with cards, coins, cardboards for 7 wonders and much much more. The game has also amazing graphics and is perfect for your family. There are three decks in the game and 3 epochs in which players play cards, resolve army conflicts and score points.

Mystic Miracles similarities with Gin Rummy Plus:

10# Rummikub - 2015


The unique combination of tactical thinking, luck and tense competition has made this classic family game to one of the most successful games for the past 60 years! Arrange the tiles to create the smartest color and numbers combinations.

Rummikub similarities with Gin Rummy Plus:

11# Solitaire Valentine's Day 2 - 2017


Be more competitive Personal records and statistics help you to defeat your old high score every day! Daily challenging Winning Deal Leaderboard Portrait and Landscape view mode Vegas Casino Style scoring and Solitaire Classic scoring All Winning deals Timer mode Kinds of card styles Various of card face, card back and table background with beautiful graphics.

Solitaire Valentine's Day 2 similarities with Gin Rummy Plus:

12# Lift It - 2015


Lift It is a fresh and dynamic game where you have to train your character in order to gain stats. Every Gym exercise helps gaining a specific stat. Increasing your stats will help you to beat your enemies when travelling from the main island (Gym Island) to the other islands.

Lift It similarities with Gin Rummy Plus:

14# Mr Jack Pocket - 2014


Discover Mr Jack, the well-known game of deduction, in its latest incarnation -- on your favourite tablet device. This wonderful game designed by Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc and illustrated by Jean-Marie Minguez is now available on a touch version.

Mr Jack Pocket similarities with Gin Rummy Plus:

15# THE GAME OF LIFE: 2016 Edition - 2016


Match and play against other online players as you all spin and race in the direction of the last yellow tile; retirement. ONLINE MULTIPLAYER - Match with other players and race to the final yellow square LOCAL PLAY - Play with up to three friends on one device FAST MODE - A new, shorter game mode where you will be faced with a different victory condition!

THE GAME OF LIFE: 2016 Edition similarities with Gin Rummy Plus:

16# Tsuro - The Game of the Path - 2016


The intricate artwork of the original board game is brought to life with fluid animation and sparkling pyrotechnics. Classic Tsuro, plus 3 new ways to play, exclusive to the digital version: Solo, Loop Battle and Longest Path.

Tsuro - The Game of the Path similarities with Gin Rummy Plus:

17# Harald: A Game of Influence - 2017


Harald is a card game of influence and majority. As the head of a village, each player will try to charm the most influential character of the realm to be noticed by the King and win his favor. But to win you will need to think and wisely use the abilities of each character.

Harald: A Game of Influence similarities with Gin Rummy Plus:

18# Durak! - 2014

Screenshot of the video game Durak!
Screenshot of the video game Durak!
Screenshot of the video game Durak!

Durak is a classical Russian card game. While it requires strategical thinking, cheating is also a viable strategy as long as you don't get caught. In the same spirit pay attention to your opponents or else you might get tricked and be left as the Durak! The game is best enjoyed with 1 to 5 friends.

Durak! similarities with Gin Rummy Plus:

19# 1775: Rebellion - 2016


Command the armies of the British Redcoats, English Loyalists, German Hessians, American Regulars, Patriots, French Regulars and Native Americans to decide the fate of the Americas!

1775: Rebellion similarities with Gin Rummy Plus:

20# UNO & Friends - 2013


Please be informed that it also allows you to play using virtual currency, which can be acquired as you progress through the game, or by deciding to watch certain advertisements, or by paying with real money. The game requires an Internet connection (3G or Wi-Fi) for download and updates, and other features including playing with friends, making in-app purchases and watching advertisements. This game includes multiplayer features with online interactions that are not subject to Xbox Live Family Settings.

UNO & Friends similarities with Gin Rummy Plus:

21# RISK: Global Domination - 2015


Take on master military strategists like Napoleon, Washington, Catherine the Great and more, in a worldwide campaign for total world domination. Deploy troops, attack enemies, defend territories - even earn medals for strategic accomplishments!•Wage war against 10 of the greatest military minds in history.•Play 3 different ways: the Classic RISK game, the Secret Mission RISK game and the Capital RISK game.•Choose extended play options: Commander Mode, Attack Advantage, Map changes, Territory Troop maximums.•Play with up to 6 players using just 2 controllers.•Play with up to 6 players on-line.•Use Voice Over IP to discuss strategy with your allies or threaten your opponents.

RISK: Global Domination similarities with Gin Rummy Plus:

22# Astral Masters - 2013

Screenshot of the video game Astral Masters
Screenshot of the video game Astral Masters
Screenshot of the video game Astral Masters

In Astral Masters you will become a mage who specializes in some magic element such as Fire, Earth, Air, Water, or all at a time. Your objective will be to weaken your opponent by casting spells and summoning creatures so that the enemy's life falls down to zero. The strength of your attack will depend on your overall power - the higher it will be, the more chances for victory you'll have.

Astral Masters similarities with Gin Rummy Plus:

23# Doodle God Solitaire - 2016


Unlock all 12 divine elements and watch as civilization unfolds! Start with the simplest microorganisms and create animals, mechanisms and entire armies. The ability to create is now entirely in your hands! Enjoy classical solitaire improved with a new game mechanic – collect pairs of cards. A special multiplier increases your reward if you find card pairs quickly. Buy bonuses with your reward: mulligan, shuffle and joker. As you play, enjoy uplifting exotic music and premium-quality graphics. Always dreamed of being a god and discovering something new? Dive into an exciting adventure with Solitaire Doodle God and release the god within!

Doodle God Solitaire similarities with Gin Rummy Plus:

25# Hardwood Backgammon - 2012


Single Player, Xbox Live Multiplayer 1-2, Local Multiplayer 1-2, HD (High Definition) Play a game of classic Backgammon against the computer, against a friend on a single console, or against on online opponent over Xbox 360 Live. Move all of your checkers onto your home board, and then bear off before your opponent does. Roll two of a kind to double your number of moves. Catch your opponent with a vulnerable checker, and send him to the bar. And once you’re sure you’re going to win, use the doubling cube to bring you even closer to ultimate victory! There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see www.xbox.com/live/accounts.

Hardwood Backgammon similarities with Gin Rummy Plus:

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