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Free Throw Basketball, Basketball Stars, and AmIHero are our top selection to play today.

The latest addition in this selection are Battle Ball released the 12 March 2021 and ranked #9, AmIHero released the 18 February 2021 and ranked #3, Free Throw Basketball released the 10 February 2021 and ranked #1.

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This suggestion collection includes basketball shooter games for Android, IOS (iPhone / iPad), PS4 (Playstation 4), Xbox One, Switch, PC Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list.

Logo of the video game Bouncy Hoops

Bouncy Hoops is a basketball game for all the street ballers and shot callers. The school yard ankle breakers and the downtown dagger shooters. - Addictive one touch handles aka gameplay - Over 20 balls to unlock - Play in 5 unique locations - Retro arcade style and sound

26# Jet Ball - 2015


Early Access

Jet Ball is a powerful Breakout / Arkanoid game packed with stunning visuals, tons of dynamic levels and lots of fresh ideas. Brick breaker genre reinvented. a

Jet Ball similarities with Bouncy Hoops:

27# NBA Live 18 - 2017


NBA LIVE 18 introduces THE ONE, an all-new, dynamic career experience centered on your player, your choices and your legacy. Create your unique player identity and select a role on the court along with signature abilities and traits, only you can pull off. Dominate the court with innovative one-on-one gameplay arming you with an arsenal of all-new moves for each position with unprecedented control and responsiveness.

NBA Live 18 similarities with Bouncy Hoops:

28# FreeStyle Street Basketball - 2017


MMO basketball game FreeStyle2 prides its unique gameplay and graphic. Players are set up to a street-style league and are allowed to use freestyle moves. Players are focused on a single character with the position of their choice. Team up with the best street ballers and build up team work!

FreeStyle Street Basketball similarities with Bouncy Hoops:

29# Battle Golf - 2015


The first rule of Battle Golf is that you do not talk about Battle Golf The Second rule of Battle Golf is please share Battle Golf on Twitter Play Golf against the clock or against a friend, head shots are encouraged.

Battle Golf similarities with Bouncy Hoops:

30# Slamdunk VR - 2018

Screenshot of the video game Slamdunk VR
Screenshot of the video game Slamdunk VR
Screenshot of the video game Slamdunk VR

-This is a VR game that really brings you the shooting experience. -We’ve got a powerful physical system that allows everyone to shoot like a NBA star! -There is an online ranking board as well. Come on! Show your excellent shooting techniques and your best score to the world!

Slamdunk VR similarities with Bouncy Hoops:

31# Axe Throw - 2018


You've got a HTC Vive and some cool motion controllers, but what can you really do with them? Throw some virtual axes! In Axe Throw VR, a virtual axe throwing range becomes your playground!

Axe Throw similarities with Bouncy Hoops:

32# Cove Point Fun Center VR - 2017

Screenshot of the video game Cove Point Fun Center VR
Screenshot of the video game Cove Point Fun Center VR
Screenshot of the video game Cove Point Fun Center VR

Escape the stress of life at your very own tropical beach Fun Center! Cove Point Fun Center VR is your complete fun center experience in virtual reality. Bowling, escape room, outdoor pirate Minigolf, arcade games, and so much more. Welcome to Cove Point Fun Center VR!

Cove Point Fun Center VR similarities with Bouncy Hoops:

34# fire in the hole. - 2014


Early Access

This is an online shooting game with Battle Royale mode. The game is played in a dark room, you can switch on the rifle flashlight for illuminating targeted areas, but always watch out for enemies who follow the light to sneak up on you!

fire in the hole. similarities with Bouncy Hoops:

36# Casey Powell Lacrosse 16 - 2016


Featuring in-depth lacrosse gameplay, high quality graphics, multi-year career mode, competitive online multiplayer, real-time RPG leveling and character customization, Powell Lacrosse 16 brings the sport to life like never before.

Casey Powell Lacrosse 16 similarities with Bouncy Hoops:

37# New Retro Arcade: Neon - 2016


Emulate your favorite retro arcade games in an environment engrossed with retro realism and extremely detailed surroundings. Play together with friends in your own arcade, either with or WITHOUT a VR Headset and realise what arcade life felt like back in the 80’s/early 90’s.

New Retro Arcade: Neon similarities with Bouncy Hoops:

38# Big Buck Hunter Arcade - 2016


Travel around the globe and take down wild game in Whitetail and Moose adventures or try your aiming and speed skills in epic bonus challenges. The perfect game for the Big Buck hunter fan, with easy to pick up controls that still pack a challenge for experienced players 30 total hunting levels Dangerous animal encounters 6 total bonus games Over 20 critters from Squirrels to Bats 2 player local multiplayer Leaderboards to show the current high score per hunting site and overall Trek.

Big Buck Hunter Arcade similarities with Bouncy Hoops:

39# VR Ping Pong Paradise - 2017

Screenshot of the video game VR Ping Pong Paradise
Screenshot of the video game VR Ping Pong Paradise
Screenshot of the video game VR Ping Pong Paradise

You can play table tennis in outer space!! You feel refreshed! You can choose 6 play zones in this game. Sky Arena , On the raft , Under the cherry trees , Street basketball court , Seaside golf course , Outer space. You can enjoy ping pong in an unreal world.

VR Ping Pong Paradise similarities with Bouncy Hoops:

41# Stickman Base Jumper - 2012


Immediately share your performed jumps or spectacular crashes and impress your friends with the integrated video replay and share feature. 80 beautiful designed levels from "Easy jumping" to "Insane proximity flights" Integrated video gameplay recording to share with your friends via facebook, twitter, youtube or mail Full animated physic rag doll Spectacular crashes Various obstacles like breakable glass, falling bricks, helicopters, etc.

Stickman Base Jumper similarities with Bouncy Hoops:

42# Head Soccer - 2012


+ 6 Game mode (Arcade, Tournament, Survial, League, Head Cup, Death Mode) + Online Multiplayer via Google Play Service + Physics based gameplay (Box2d) + Submit Facebook D&D DREAM GAMES + Dinosaur Slayer + Zombie Sweeper + Crasher + IChallenger: Return + Tiny Brush + Millionaire Show > Website: www.

Head Soccer similarities with Bouncy Hoops:

43# Recess Riot - 2012


Recess Riot is an unique and challenging Action/Arcade game comprised of multiple game modes. mode is a refreshing action game where you dodge dangerous objects while smashing away incoming dodge balls, basketballs, footballs, and more.

Recess Riot similarities with Bouncy Hoops:

44# NBA Baller Beats - 2012


The Games on Demand version supports English and does not include a basketball . . Download the manual for this game by locating the game on http://marketplace.xbox.com and selecting See Game Manual '' . This game requires a Kinect Sensor . NBA Baller Beats is the first ever motion-based sports video game that requires you to actively play using a real basketball . The music is your guide as you aspire to perform like a pro and practice your ball-handling skills while building stamina youll need for the court all while having the fun of playing a video game .

NBA Baller Beats similarities with Bouncy Hoops:

45# NBA JAM by EA SPORTS - 2011


Featuring the voice of Tim Kitzrow (the original NBA JAM play-by-play announcer), youll hear all the classic catchphrases plus a few new ones. This app: Contains direct links to the Internet; Collects data through third party analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details).

NBA JAM by EA SPORTS similarities with Bouncy Hoops:

47# Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010 - 2009


Your hunting and survival skills will be put to the test as you face dangerous game, treacherous environments and more! Special Edition Wii bundle includes game and Top Shot hunting peripheral - just load the Wii Remote and Nunchuk into the Top Shot and you're ready for heart-pounding, action packed hunting adventure! • STORY BASED ACTION/ADVENTURE–Play as Jack Wilde, a young, but formidable hunter• INCREDBILE TERRAIN CHALLANGES–Climb sheer cliff faces–Escape avalanches–Cross raging streams• VITALS SHOOTING MECHANIC–Simulates controlled breathing–Dial in your crosshairs–Lock on for the perfect shot• COMPREHENSIVE REWARD SYSTEM–Instantaneous feedback for your performance–Use cover points to earn high scores–Earn club points to unlock new areas• AVAILABLE IN TOP SHOT PERIPHERAL BUNDLE

Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010 similarities with Bouncy Hoops:

48# Pub Darts - 2009


Pub Darts is a simple darts simulation which uses the Wii Remote controller's unique controls to mimic dart throwing motion. Controls function just like throwing a real dart.

Pub Darts similarities with Bouncy Hoops:

49# Arcade Hoops Basketball - 2008


See how many baskets you can sink in a fast moving 45 seconds, using only your stylus and, of course, your lightning fast hand-eye coordination. Advanced hoopsters can move on to the progressive level, where a moving basket provides an additional challenge – and the chance to rack up even more points!

Arcade Hoops Basketball similarities with Bouncy Hoops:

50# NBA Unrivaled - 2009


Paying homage to the old school look and feel of the arcade classics, NBA UNRIVALED brings back all of the intensity and pulse pounding actionAMPLIFIED!Features

NBA Unrivaled similarities with Bouncy Hoops:

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