The Best Sandbox Games for Nintendo 3DS

Update, : Total Miner added at rank #3.

Cubic (2017)

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Logo of Cubic Screenshot of Cubic Screenshot of Cubic Screenshot of Cubic

PC Windows Mac OS Linux Android IOS iPhone Nintendo 3DS Nintendo Switch

Cubic is a 3D puzzle where you need to destroy tiles of the same color, connecting them in pairs. In this case you need to stay within a certain number of steps. For the successful completion of the level logic and skill to calculate your actions a few steps forward are required .


  • free
  • puzzle
  • sandbox
  • cube
  • building
  • casual
  • funny
  • platform
  • 3d
  • open-world
  • multiplayer
  • third-party
  • best-selling
  • parkour
  • cooperative


Minecraft (2011)

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Logo of Minecraft Screenshot of Minecraft Screenshot of Minecraft Screenshot of Minecraft

PC Windows Xbox 360 wii u Nintendo Switch vita Playstation 4 Playstation 3 Nintendo 3DS Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile Android Xbox One IOS iPhone Linux Mac OS

Minecraft offers procedurally generated world to explore. After you survived your first night, build and craft your shelter. Explore the different biomes and fight your way in one of the best sandbox ever created. Even after playing Minecraft vanilla, you can enjoy a lot of free mods that will add new items, recipes to craft or even new dimensions. Go play with ofther players on free Minecraft servers and bring this building game to the next level.

  • crafting
  • split-screen
  • sandbox
  • inventory
  • survival
  • multiplayer
  • online
  • zombies
  • local
  • platform
  • farming
  • adventure
  • cooperative
  • controller-support
  • endless


Total Miner (2017)

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Logo of Total Miner Screenshot of Total Miner Screenshot of Total Miner Screenshot of Total Miner

early access Linux Linux: PC Windows Mac OS Nintendo 3DS Nintendo Switch tvos wii u universal PC Windows platform vita Playstation 4 fire os Playstation 3 Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile raspberry-pi Xbox 360

Total Miner is an open world voxel sandbox game. It is primarily designed for creative RPG game builders, but also has two action/adventure style game modes where you can just jump in and play.

  • voxel
  • sandbox
  • building
  • open-world
  • rpg
  • creative

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