The Best Runner Games for Nintendo 3DS

Update, : Polara added at rank #1.

Polara (2016)

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Nintendo 3DS vita

Polara is a challenging and rewarding game that combines breakneck platforming with the color polarity system from games like Ikaruga and Outlands. Players must use their skills to navigate an oppressive regime by tapping the side of their screen to jump and manipulate the color of their body suit. After completing each stage, players can collect titular letters to unlock a special medallion.


  • Interesting alt-future setting
  • Replayable experience
  • Innovative design
  • Two games in one
  • Affordable price
  • Highly difficult gameplay
  • May be too challenging for some players

  • runner
  • endless
  • platform
  • auto-running
  • boss-fight
  • mascot-driven
  • free-runner

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