The Best Hip-hop Games for Android

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Update : Cat Tales added at rank #1.
Here are our 10 Best Hip-hop Games for Android:

Cat Tales (2022)

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Logo of Cat Tales

Android Nintendo Switch

Charming anime-style graphics

Get on the dragon and fly on an adventure! Run around the flowery meadow with the little cute kitties.

Travel on the back of big cats. Grab a magic umbrella and admire the meadows and fields from above.

Discover more than 30 themes with fairy tale characters and animals. Play with colors and painting tools.

Create your wonderland

Paint, draw, whatever you want. This is your unique and special world.

Key features:

- 32 drawings with 8 different themes
- Anime style graphics
- Soundtrack in hip-hop and funky style
- Board with 4 slots


  • hip-hop
  • platform
  • anime
  • pixel
  • retro
  • cute
  • adventure
  • classic

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