The Best Grand strategy Games for Playstation 5

Update, : Crusader Kings III added at rank #1.

Crusader Kings III (2020)

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PC Windows Playstation 5 Xbox Series X/s Linux Mac OS

Crusader Kings III immerses you in the world of medieval politics and dynasties, letting you choose a noble house and lead them to greatness. With a vast and beautifully detailed medieval map to explore, you will encounter a host of historical characters, make life-altering decisions, and forge your dynasty's legacy. The game's unique and colorful characters, wide range of playstyles, and limitless paths to follow make it an exciting and rewarding experience for those who love grand strategy games.

  • Immersive gameplay and world-building
  • Wide range of options for playstyle and objectives
  • Beautiful graphics and top-notch soundtrack
  • Unique and colorful characters with varied abilities and traits
  • Legacy system adds depth and longevity to gameplay
  • Overpriced DLCs that do not add much to gameplay
  • Slow pace of gameplay and battles
  • Uncanny 3D models
  • Lack of region differentiation

  • strategy
  • grand-strategy
  • medieval
  • simulation
  • historical
  • rpg
  • war
  • empire
  • grand
  • politics
  • military
  • political
  • management

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