The Best Fully-fledged Games for Nintendo Switch

Update : Head Games added at rank #1.
Here are our 10 Best Fully-fledged Games for Nintendo Switch:

Head Games (2021)

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PC Windows dos Nintendo Switch

Welcome to the ultimate Head Games competition! Do you have what it takes to beat your opponent in a game of soccer, volleyball or basketball using only head shots? Head Games is an intense, exciting game where you can play against a friend or the AI. You have multiple characters to choose from, and the only goal is to try and hit the ball and score in your opponent’s net. You can also play as a team with your friends. Can you become the ultimate player in the Head Games? Try the game out and immerse yourself into the ultimate gaming experience. Features: • Play football, basketball or volleyball • Enter 1v1 or 2v2 games and win • Intense, action packed gameplay • Great retro visuals


  • kazooie
  • first-person
  • fully-fledged
  • shooter
  • fps
  • top-down

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