The Best Board-game Games for Xbox Series X

Update, : RichMan 10 added at rank #2.

MONOPOLY Madness (2021)

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In this race for fame and fortune, the rules have changed slightly: • No more board! Roam the streets of Monopoly Town to collect money, water, and electricity. • 20 NEW playable characters inspired by classic MONOPOLY® tokens.

  • board-game
  • local
  • multiplayer
  • free-for-all
  • online
  • party
  • real-time
  • classic
  • trading
  • competitive
  • fast-paced
  • slow-paced
  • trains
  • cooperative
  • tactical


RichMan 10 (2022)

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GamePlay The game uses turn system, initially all players have certain deposits, cash, cards. In addition to the real estate grid, there are also bank, news, shop, magic house and other event lattices in the map, which make the game full of variables and entertainment. Reasonable use of the cards in hand can actively intervene in randomness, enhance strategy, maximize their own interests, and lay a good foundation for the final victory.

  • grid
  • tabletop
  • card
  • board-game
  • dice
  • multiplayer
  • rhythm
  • strategy
  • cover
  • casual
  • entertainment
  • local
  • fight

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