The Best Base-building colony simulation Games for Xbox Series X

Update, : Imagine Earth added at rank #1.

Imagine Earth (2021)

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PC Windows Xbox Series X Xbox One

Imagine Earth is a thrilling real-time planet simulation and strategy game that lets you explore and colonize distant planets. In this game, you play a space colony manager tasked with building profitable colonies while preserving living conditions for your people amidst corporate greed and environmental concerns. Dig for resources, build power plants, farms, and factories while fending off threats like asteroids, wild fires, and hostile colonies. You can trade resources and technologies to enrich your colonies, build towers, and research for advanced technologies. Now, it's time to expand your colony and dominate the universe!

  • Well-polished game with unique art design and relaxing gameplay
  • Heavy emphasis on competitiveness with multiple ways to hinder AI competition
  • Great fun in multiplayer games
  • Continual and meaningful updates from the developers
  • Unique approach to a tile-based system
  • Lack of micromanagement may disappoint city-building enthusiasts
  • Voice acting could be better
  • Limited countermeasures against weather effects
  • Unintuitive resource gathering and pollution mitigation

  • simulation
  • diplomacy
  • colony
  • lore
  • nature
  • city-building
  • grand-strategy
  • science
  • management
  • base-building
  • economy
  • procedural
  • sandbox
  • space
  • resource


Autonauts (2019)

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Logo of Autonauts Screenshot of Autonauts Screenshot of Autonauts Screenshot of Autonauts

Nintendo Switch Xbox Series X Xbox One Playstation 5 Playstation 4 PC Windows

Autonauts is a charming simulation game that allows you to colonize uninhabited planets and build a civilization of robots to do your bidding. With a fun and unique automation programming system, colorful graphics, and no required programming knowledge, you can explore, gather resources, and create an animal husbandry world. The game offers limitless opportunities for automation and colonization, making it an experience you won't want to miss!

  • Fun and challenging gameplay for management sim lovers
  • Unique automation programming system
  • Colorful and cute graphics
  • No required programming knowledge
  • Large world to explore and customize.
  • Steep learning curve
  • Limited inventory space

  • programming
  • simulation
  • automation
  • visual
  • farming
  • agriculture
  • crafting
  • colony
  • attractive
  • resource-management
  • sandbox
  • base-building
  • robots
  • art

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