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Moonscars (2022)

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PC Windows Playstation 5 Xbox Series X Playstation 4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch

Moonscars is a 2D souls-like, non-linear platformer that marks the debut of developer, Black Mermaid. Play as Grey Irma, a "Clayborn" with a head full of questions and an eyeful of stunning pixel art. Experience the mystery of Moonscars while exploring themes of identity. Enjoy fluid and gratifying combat with melee moves, special attacks, witcheries and amulet stones.

  • Beautiful pixel art
  • Well written story
  • Excellent voice work
  • Satisfying parry system
  • Great use of light to create silhouette-like foregrounds
  • Unique enemies with visual cues
  • Stunning soundtrack with choir vocals
  • Replay value through side quests and trophy hunting
  • Trial and error approach can make some boss fights difficult

  • souls
  • boss-fight
  • platform
  • boss
  • metroidvania
  • 2d
  • combat
  • pixel
  • gothic
  • fight
  • action
  • challenging
  • difficult

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