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Famicom Jump: Hero Restuden - Celebrating Shonen Jump Heroes
12 hour(s) ago - cheatcc.com

Famicom Jump: Hero Restuden is a crossover game featuring Shonen Jump characters like Son Goku and Kenshiro, released in 1989 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the manga. The game follows a main character forming an alliance with these heroes to stop the growing threat of Jump villains.

Scene Investigators: A Realistic True-Crime Game
2 day(s) ago - gamecritics.com

Scene Investigators is a new true-crime game where players take on the role of a trainee investigator solving complex cases through deductive reasoning and problem-solving abilities. The game challenges players to follow their instincts and make assumptions to fill in the gaps in evidence, providing a realistic and engaging experience for fans of the genre.

Upcoming Video Game Crime: 1997 Announces Release Date and Demo
5 day(s) ago - cogconnected.com

Upcoming video game Crime: 1997 by Bad Guys Games has a release date of July 22, 2024 for PC on Steam and Epic Games Store. A demo will be available on Steam on May 20, allowing players to explore the story of Chapter 1: The Waterside Gang.

Chronique des Silencieux Review
6 day(s) ago - gamegrin.com

Chronique des Silencieux is a point-and-click mystery game where the protagonist, Eugene, uncovers people's hidden pasts rather than solving crimes. The game, set in southern France, features beautiful hand-drawn animation and intricate storytelling.

Exploring the World of The Inquisitor: A Mix of History and Dark Fantasy
6 day(s) ago - thexboxhub.com

The Inquisitor is a single-player adventure game that combines real-life history with dark fantasy elements, set in a medieval alternate world where Jesus is portrayed as a warrior and the main job of the Inquisitor is to kill vampires. The game offers an engaging story, rough gameplay mechanics, and a vibrant 12th-century city setting.