11 Games Like Twin Blades HD


Rise & Shine, Jane Wilde, and Storm the Train are our top selection to play today.

The latest addition in this selection are Rise & Shine released the 11 January 2017 and ranked #1, Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones released the 18 February 2016 and ranked #10, Mighty Final Fight released the 27 November 2014 and ranked #9.

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This suggestion collection includes side-scrolling games for Android, PS4 (Playstation 4), Xbox One, Switch, PC Windows, Mac OS, Linux and 3DS. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list.

Logo of the video game Twin Blades HD

The most beautiful game of the app store finally gets the High Definition its breath-taking environments so richly deserve. Buy new skills and powers and upgrade them as you progress day after day.

1# Rise & Shine - 2017


Welcome to Gamearth, a once peaceful planet now threatened by the warmongering Space grunts of Nexgen. In the aftermath of their devastating first strike a child named Rise is forced to take on the sacred gun Shine - and with it the fate of his world.

Rise & Shine similarities with Twin Blades HD:

2# Jane Wilde - 2013


This all-new side-scrolling shooter game tests your ability to stay alive while killing as many undead creatures as possible. Get on board with this awesome Wild West pick-up and-play shooter!

Jane Wilde similarities with Twin Blades HD:

3# Storm the Train - 2012


Swipe to switch between equipped agents and take advantage of their individual skills to overcome your enemies. Features * Classic side-scrolling gameplay with explosive action * 12 collectable agents with different skills and abilities * Swipe between your 2 equipped agents * Upgrade numerous weapons, drones, and gadgets * Ride the Challenge Chopper and play for extra daily rewards * Destroy as much as possible to get the highest score

Storm the Train similarities with Twin Blades HD:

4# Sega Vintage Collection: Streets of Rage - 2012


Join Axel, Blaze, and company as they battle the evil Mr. X across all three Streets of Rage games.Originally released for the Sega Genesis, the classic brawler series has now been updated for release on Xbox LIVE Arcade! Earn all new achievements, take on challenging new game trials, compete with others players across Xbox LIVE Leaderboards, and clean up the streets with a friend in two player local and online co-op!

Sega Vintage Collection: Streets of Rage similarities with Twin Blades HD:

5# Hard Corps: Uprising - 2011


(Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB) Thrilling retro run-and-gun action is back with a vengeance in Hard Corps: Uprising, a new 2D side-scroller developed by ARC System Works that pays homage to classic Konami action series. Play as the soldier Bahamut as he begins to write his legend. Battle in the grueling trenches of Arcade mode, where only the best-of-the-best can survive to the end, or the all-new Rising mode, where a life bar and point system allow you to purchase items and upgrades to build your soldier up and achieve ultimate victory. Need help? Partner with a friend to lay down some serious carnage.

Hard Corps: Uprising similarities with Twin Blades HD:

6# Metal Slug 7 - 2008


Play as your favorite Metal Slug character as you wreak havoc on new enemies while navigating through traps and puzzles. • Battle your way through 7 intense combat missions • Play as your favorite Metal Slug character • All new Combat School Mode featuring 80 training missions • New Slugs and Enemies!

Metal Slug 7 similarities with Twin Blades HD:

7# Tokyo Beat Down - 2008


Beat 'em up that lets you shoot 'em up - When fisticuffs aren't enough, add guns to deliver a whole new brand of justice to the mean streets of Tokyo. Multiple characters & endings - This sordid tale of Tokyo's criminal set unfolds through the eyes of three different cops with unique play styles.

Tokyo Beat Down similarities with Twin Blades HD:

8# Final Fight 3 - 1995


Following the defeat and subsequent disappearance of the Mad Gear Gang, a small group known only as "Skull Cross" is responsible for a new uprising of vandalism, terrorism and death. "Metro City is under attack!" she shouts, "Skull Cross is loose, and they’ve got something up their sleeves.

Final Fight 3 similarities with Twin Blades HD:

9# Mighty Final Fight - 1993

Screenshot of the video game Mighty Final Fight
Screenshot of the video game Mighty Final Fight
Screenshot of the video game Mighty Final Fight

The Mad Gear Gang has been battling with Mayor Mike Haggar for years over control of Metro City. Join Haggar and his friends in a fight against crime as they free their loved one and the city from the evil clutches of the Mad Gear Gang.

Mighty Final Fight similarities with Twin Blades HD:

10# Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones - 1991


Join the Lee brothers as they head on a worldwide search for their friend Marion and the powerful Sacred Stones. Defeat your enemies using a collection of martial-art moves, including those of enemies that join your quest.

Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones similarities with Twin Blades HD:

11# Final Fight One - 1989


In this version of the game, there are six stages showing a different area of the city, including an extra stage that was not available in the SNES version of Final Fight. Scour the city streets and rescue Jessica before it's too late!

Final Fight One similarities with Twin Blades HD:

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