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The latest addition in this selection are Boulder Dash-XL 3D released the 25 September 2012 and ranked #1.

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This game was classified by the community with the following category scores - Violence = 1/3 , Sex = 0/3 , Mature Content = 1/3 . While discrediting the apocalyptic Mayan prophecy , Serena Silva discovers a Mayan temple filled with ancient stone robots protecting a prophecy of their own . Shell need to orchestrate the animalistic abilities within these ancient robots : peacock turns , rabbit jumps , dingo digs , and jaguar dashes , to uncover the temples secret in this physics-based puzzle platformer .

Tags associated with Twenty Twelve: puzzlephysicsrobotsplatform

1# Boulder Dash-XL 3D - 2012


Explore the 100 caves and collect the right number of diamonds, while avoiding Boulders and Enemies to unlock the exit. After completing a cave successfully, a green checkmark will appear next to it in the cave list.

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