22 Games Like Tiki Towers 2 for Android


Pull My Tongue, Bloop, and Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage are our top selection to play today.

The latest addition in this selection are Colours of Magic: Aqua Teeter released the 25 April 2016 and ranked #5, Pull My Tongue released the 3 February 2016 and ranked #1, Mushroom 11 released the 14 October 2015 and ranked #4.

22 Games like Tiki Towers 2 for Android, daily generated comparing over 40 000 video games across all platforms.
This suggestion collection includes hyperactive games. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list.

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Clear levels with multiple exits, pick up objects that affect your progress, and use the stick challenge to test your skills. Clear levels with multiple exits, pick up objects that affect your progress, and use the stick challenge to test your skills.

1# Pull My Tongue - 2016


Help feed Greg by pulling his tongue through a series of fun puzzles that include, zappers, spikes, chewing gum, balloons and more! - 5 worlds with 90 levels - Cute and cuddly character - Deliciously unique tongue physics (yes there is such a thing) - Never before seen gameplay and puzzles Please note that In App Purchases are entirely optional and in no way required to complete the game!

Pull My Tongue similarities with Tiki Towers 2:

3# Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage - 2013


Use your icebreaking skills to solve puzzles and cut your way through ice, rope, cannons, explosives, slime and err chickens to get your clan back safely to the Viking longboat! Important Message for Parents This game may include: - Direct links to social networking websites that are intended for an audience over the age of 13.

Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage similarities with Tiki Towers 2:

4# Mushroom 11 - 2017


An award-winning anti-platformer where destruction is the only way to move. Mold yourself into any form by destroying your cells, and traverse a devastated landscape filled with brain-twisting puzzles and bizarre mutations. Are you ready to break the mold?

Mushroom 11 similarities with Tiki Towers 2:

5# Colours of Magic: Aqua Teeter - 2016


As an apprentice magician and alchemist, you learn from different alchemy masters. They teach you to mix elixirs, create potions and control them on alchemist table. Prove everyone that you are a born alchemist!

Colours of Magic: Aqua Teeter similarities with Tiki Towers 2:

6# Munin - 2014


Imagine you could move mountains - literally! In Munin, use realistic physics, runes and rotating platforms to solve creative puzzles in a world brimming with Norse mythology. Help Odin's messenger in her very own 2D-quest to reclaim her power on a journey through Yggdrasil!

Munin similarities with Tiki Towers 2:

7# Blowy Fish - 2015


Blowy Fish is an animated 2D physics platformer with slingshot controls. Pull a grumpy blowfish by its tail to make it jump forward through increasingly difficult levels or compete for high scores in classic endless mode.

Blowy Fish similarities with Tiki Towers 2:

8# Elastrix - 2014


Elastrix is a physics-based puzzle game. Place bouncy bands to guide the Trix through 60 levels, and help them to their goal of being the greatest circus attraction the world has ever seen!

Elastrix similarities with Tiki Towers 2:

9# Cut the Rope - 2013


Watch "Om Nom Stories" cartoons and other amazing videos on our YouTube channel!. Collect gold stars, discover hidden prizes and unlock exciting new levels in this addictively fun, award-winning, physics-based game!.

Cut the Rope similarities with Tiki Towers 2:

10# Trial Xtreme - 2013


It is an interactive game that invites you to join the engrossing motorcycle race. Ride your motorbike and surmount the track obstacles using the touch screen and phone accelerometer.

Trial Xtreme similarities with Tiki Towers 2:

13# Incredipede - 2013


"If you've ever felt that Dr Frankensteins career path was for you then Incredipede will have you laughing maniacally with joy for hours on end" - Indie Game Magazine . Control Quozzle as she learns to swing through the trees, climb sheer cliffs, dance over rivers of lava, and even soar through the air on thermal winds.

Incredipede similarities with Tiki Towers 2:

14# Chuck the Muck - 2013


The crystal buffet is open and its all you can eat, so get ready to Chuck the Muck! -simple, high-flying trajectory controls -interactive Muck Physics -40 challenging levels -4 unique environments -hidden content and bonus levels -earn achievements and collect rewards

Chuck the Muck similarities with Tiki Towers 2:

16# Pangolin - 2012


"Pangolin is a mobile gaming masterpiece everyone should play. " Pangolin is a physics-based arcade game that turns the classic platformer on it's head.

Pangolin similarities with Tiki Towers 2:

17# Contre Jour - 2011


Blurring the lines between games and interactive art, Contre Jour welcomes you to a hauntingly beautiful world shaped by the interplay of light and darkness. Set to a poignant orchestrated soundtrack from composer David Ari Leon, Contre Jour both delights and bedevils from start to finish.

Contre Jour similarities with Tiki Towers 2:

18# Catch The Candy - 2011


Push and pull obstacles, balance on unsteady logs, cut the ropes, climb flag poles and grip onto almost anything to work your way across the level and grab that candy! 98 Levels set across a variety of different worlds Unique physics-based gameplay Colourful cartoon graphics Hidden 'Easter Eggs' to uncover Based on the hit Flash game

Catch The Candy similarities with Tiki Towers 2:

19# Foozle - 2011


Bounce, roll, slide and swing while saving every Foozle you can!A single touch changes the shape of a Foozle letting you solve interesting and complex puzzles. Features: * A unique physics puzzle game with charm * Immersive graphics environment * 75 levels in 3 unique worlds * You'll want to save just 1 more Foozle * Play it again and again, fewer taps means a better reward The Foozles aren't alone!

Foozle similarities with Tiki Towers 2:

20# Fling a Thing - 2011


When the player has cleared away all the bubbles they move on to the next level, climb higher, and interact with some really bizarre objects. Fling a Thing controls and physics are fluid while the play sessions are short, perfect for a bus ride or a 5 minute break.

Fling a Thing similarities with Tiki Towers 2:

22# Bubble Ball - 2010


Community Levels - make your own levels for Bubble Ball, and play levels created by others! com/create on your computer to get started making your own levels!

Bubble Ball similarities with Tiki Towers 2:

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