7 Games Like Tank Titans HD for Android


Tanks VS Robots, 1944 Burning Bridges Premium, and RESCUE: Heroes in Action are our top selection to play today.

The latest addition in this selection are 1943 Deadly Desert Premium released the 22 September 2017 and ranked #4, Tanks VS Robots released the 9 July 2017 and ranked #1, Ultimate Bird Simulator released the 6 December 2016 and ranked #5.

7 Games like Tank Titans HD for Android, daily generated comparing over 40 000 video games across all platforms.
This suggestion collection includes education games. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list.

Logo of the video game Tank Titans HD

Tank Titans is here engage in the most realistic tank battle gameplay youve ever seen. Excellent & Beautiful map An extremely realistic interface Emerge into the action with dynamic gameplay Accessible controls manage your tank like a pro Unlimited waves of increasingly stronger enemies Upgradable tanks No internet connection necessary

1# Tanks VS Robots - 2017


You are a defender of your homeland and you won't accept any compromise: under the layers of super-tough armor there beats the strong heart of a tank commander. The toughest armor will be pierced with crafty maneuvers, from your pilots controlling their mobile battle robots. Features: * Dynamic PvP battles between players from all over the world * Unique battlefields which combine the freedom of open spaces and the complicated labyrinths of the lab * Several types of unique battle Robots * Numerous modern tanks * The possibility of choosing a game style.

Tanks VS Robots similarities with Tank Titans HD:

3# RESCUE: Heroes in Action - 2015


When the sound of sirens fills the streets of your city, the blue flashing lights reflect in the windows of the house fronts, the stampede of soot-blackened boots against the asphalt rings in your ears and the command "Water on!" Take full control of thrilling rescue missions, build your team of ready and effective firemen and women and constantly expand your fleet of vehicles. Customize your firefighters' uniforms and high-powered vehicles with a range of country-specific colors, patterns and markings A variety of realistic firefighting scenarios set in a large city, including an airplane's emergency landing, a gas explosion, a car crash and a blaze at an oil refinery Innovative control system for firefighters and fire trucks Captivating blend of simulation and strategy from the makers of the bestselling PC game "RESCUE: Everyday Heroes" Unlock upgrades such as bigger tanks, enhanced water extinguishing power, improved engine performance, greater hose range, more durable suits and increased fire extinguisher capacity, and help increase the efficiency of your squad in action Each member of your team has their own biography Unlock new districts of the city - suburbs, downtown and industrial area

RESCUE: Heroes in Action similarities with Tank Titans HD:

4# 1943 Deadly Desert Premium - 2016


This is the decisive World War II battle between the Allied forces and the Axis powers! Fight with tanks, warplanes, infantry, paratroopers, artillery and many other powerful special forces and weaponry!.

1943 Deadly Desert Premium similarities with Tank Titans HD:

5# Ultimate Bird Simulator - 2016


Explore a dense mountainous forest, a tropical jungle island, an arid rocky land, and the frosted peaks of the arctic! Hunt down animals like squirrels, rabbits, mice, deer, birds, crab, fish, raccoon, fox, beetles, grub, worms, ants, geckos and many more!

Ultimate Bird Simulator similarities with Tank Titans HD:

6# First Strike 1.3 - 2014


FIRST STRIKE is a great strategy simulation featuring snappy gameplay and an intuitive interface that makes dropping the big one as easy as ABC. A quick and fun game with beautiful graphics, FIRST STRIKE shows you how little it takes to heat things up.

First Strike 1.3 similarities with Tank Titans HD:

7# Gravity 2.0 - 2011


Sandbox mode allows you to create your own solar system, designing every part of your planets. Then upgrade your planets and weapons to have the best solar system in the universe!

Gravity 2.0 similarities with Tank Titans HD:

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