25 Games Like Maximus Discus for PC Windows


SpeedBall, Epic Flail, and Stickman fighter: Epic battle are our top selection to play today.

The latest addition in this selection are Warp League Basketball released the 31 December 2018 and ranked #14, Bigger Guns released the 9 October 2018 and ranked #7, Laser League released the 10 May 2018 and ranked #4.

25 Games like Maximus Discus for PC Windows, daily generated comparing over 40 000 video games across all platforms.
This suggestion collection includes arena games. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list.

Logo of the video game Maximus Discus

Try Maximus Discus Free first and experience the intense futuristic disc-duelling sport of Gladius Disc! ***** With its roots in old-school arcade gaming, use your phones touchscreen to the maximus by flicking your vast range of deadly Discs and drawing ultimate-defense Deflectors to beat your opponent into submission!

2# Epic Flail - 2016


Epic Flail is a fast paced 2D brawler with a gladiator theme that mimics the action packed fighting scenes from Japanese anime. Epic Flail has the player trapped in the arena, fighting through different modes and defeating other arena legends and even the gods themselves.

Epic Flail similarities with Maximus Discus:

3# Stickman fighter: Epic battle - 2015


Enter the arena and play as an heroic Stickman. Stickman Fighter Epic Battles is a game of skill and speed in which you will need to string together catches, kicks and punches. Stand in front of your opponents and start the combat.

Stickman fighter: Epic battle similarities with Maximus Discus:

4# Laser League - 2018


Blink and you are dead! LASER LEAGUE is the new last-word in high-speed, future-sports team action. Battle against the opposition for control of nodes that bathe the arena in deadly light. Evade rival coloured beams, and fry your opponents with speed, strength and strategy.

Laser League similarities with Maximus Discus:

5# Disc Jam - 2017


A fast-paced action-sports game that pits 2-4 players against each other in a frantic combination of air hockey and tennis. Players scramble to retrieve and throw a glowing disc while unleashing devastating abilities and defending their end zone.

Disc Jam similarities with Maximus Discus:

6# Deathwave - 2016


Early Access

Use an arsenal of deadly weaponry and magic as you struggle to defeat a relentless enemy at the gate between your world and theirs in this arcade FPS.

Deathwave similarities with Maximus Discus:

7# Bigger Guns - 2018

Screenshot of the video game Bigger Guns
Screenshot of the video game Bigger Guns
Screenshot of the video game Bigger Guns

Everything is a weapon ! Cross-platform Io and DeathMatch...

Bigger Guns similarities with Maximus Discus:

8# Insane Insects: The Inception - 2016


Played over five uniquely different arenas, Insane Insects - The Inception is an airborne Quake III on steroids, a classic old-school fragging game, speed, movement and skill based.

Insane Insects: The Inception similarities with Maximus Discus:

9# Pan-Dimensional Conga Combat - 2018

Screenshot of the video game Pan-Dimensional Conga Combat
Screenshot of the video game Pan-Dimensional Conga Combat
Screenshot of the video game Pan-Dimensional Conga Combat

Developed in a top secret lab over the course of the past eighteen months, RGCD.DEV's Pan-Dimensional Conga Combat is a rhythm-synchronised, old-school, score-chasing arcade game that plays like some alien coin-op from another dimension.

Pan-Dimensional Conga Combat similarities with Maximus Discus:

11# Jet Ball - 2014


Early Access

Jet Ball is a powerful Breakout / Arkanoid game packed with stunning visuals, tons of dynamic levels and lots of fresh ideas. Brick breaker genre reinvented. a

Jet Ball similarities with Maximus Discus:

12# Jamsouls - 2014


Get ready for some crazy battles with your friends in the colorful arenas of Jamsouls! In the hope of bringing back the golden era of multiplayer classics, Jamsouls focuses on fast-paced and manic fun with simple and accessible gameplay.

Jamsouls similarities with Maximus Discus:

13# Obludia - 2014


Fight your way through 50 levels full of thrilling action with hordes of challenging enemies and tough bosses! Obludia is an old-school arcade arena action inspired by classics such as Robotron or Smash-TV with RPG elements.

Obludia similarities with Maximus Discus:

15# Wickland - 2014


Wickland is an indie arena shooter heavily inspired by classic FPS games of the 90's. Morph into eight deadly beasts and use their own unique abilities, blaze through maps at insane speed to pick up power-ups, and fight your friends or foes in classic maze-like arena maps, just like the good old days.

Wickland similarities with Maximus Discus:

16# Drill Arena - 2018

Screenshot of the video game Drill Arena
Screenshot of the video game Drill Arena
Screenshot of the video game Drill Arena

Fight in a brutal battle between robots with drills. In the arena there are only you and your opponents. Only the most sturdy and agile robot will survive!

Drill Arena similarities with Maximus Discus:

17# Old Time Hockey - 2017


Aggressive hockey is back! Experience hockey the way it was meant to be played in this old school arcade style hockey game where blood on the ice is just another day at the rink. Big moustaches, no helmets, dirty hits, bench-clearing brawls, goalie fights, and stick fights – that’s Old Time Hockey.

Old Time Hockey similarities with Maximus Discus:

18# Street Arena - 2015


Kick your friends' asses in this explosive, fast-paced action/shooting/driving multi-player game!

Street Arena similarities with Maximus Discus:

19# Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe - 2013


After jumping through a wormhole and landing onto this forsaken planet far from home, you are standing in front of a huge interstellar Casino where everyone plays air hockey for a living! Plug your Oculus Rift DK (or not!) and master the finest Shufflepucking techniques!

Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe similarities with Maximus Discus:

20# Ultimate Demolition Derby - 2014


Early Access

Wreckfest is a new demolition derby themed racing game with soft-body damage modeling, sophisticated driving dynamics and in-depth vehicle upgrading, featuring both demolition derbies and more traditional track races. It’s all about fun, breakneck racing and over-the-top crashes.

Ultimate Demolition Derby similarities with Maximus Discus:

21# Speedball 2 - Tournament - 2013


Speedball 2 HD is a modern reincarnation on the classic, futuristic cyberpunk sports game Speedball, originally developed by the Bitmap Brothers and first released for the Atari ST in 1990. A brutal mix of handball and ice hockey placed at break-neck pace.

Speedball 2 - Tournament similarities with Maximus Discus:

22# Monster Shooter - 2011


With a vast array of enemies, guns and effects, Monster Shooter is one of the best-looking games of its genre which also runs smoothly on older devices. As DumDum, you can blast your enemies with shotguns, plasma rifles and rocket launchers and spice things up with a handful of grenades... Download the game, follow DumDum in his quest to save the kitten, shoot your way through foreign planets and have as much fun as possible!

Monster Shooter similarities with Maximus Discus:

23# Spaceball! - 2011


Early Access

Did you ever wonder what sports would be like on the moon? This dynamic multiplayer game will have you on the edge of your seat for hours to come! Mixing elements on Rugby with the low gravity of t he mono, you can work as a team to score goals against your opponents.

Spaceball! similarities with Maximus Discus:

24# Metal Drift - 2009

Screenshot of the video game Metal Drift
Screenshot of the video game Metal Drift
Screenshot of the video game Metal Drift

Metal Drift is a vehicular sport combat game set in a distant future. As the player, you command an agile, high powered hover tank in a futuristic sports arena. Core game play centers on intense tank-on-tank multiplayer team combat seen through an immersive, first person cockpit.

Metal Drift similarities with Maximus Discus:

25# NHL 09 - 2008


Welcome to the future of sports gaming with NHL 09. With all-new Be A Pro mode, step onto the ice and play an entire career as yourself through a dynamic camera angle that brings you closer to the action than ever before. For rookie players, an easy-to-use game control system evens the playing field, allowing newcomers to challenge more experienced players as soon as the puck drops. Playing with the confidence of an All-Star, storm the European front by playing out a Dynasty career in some of the most prominent leagues in Europe. Whether you're a proven veteran or picking up the game for the first time, strive to Be a Pro and become a legend with NHL 09.

NHL 09 similarities with Maximus Discus:

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