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The latest addition in this selection are Dream released the 31 July 2015 and ranked #2, Nimian Legends: BrightRidge released the 17 July 2014 and ranked #1.

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Logo of the video game Heaven Island - VR MMO

More a Journey in your Inner Self than a game, "Heaven Island" is an experience in which you'll explore wonderful places. The inspiration for the environments comes from the Renzo Piano designs and from the book "Origins of Architectural Pleasure" in which the welfare is of primary importance.

Tags associated with Heaven Island - VR MMO: adventurewalking-simulatorexplorationopen-worldrelaxingvr

2# Dream - 2015


Dream is an exploration game that takes place within the subconscious mind of Howard Phillips, a young man whose waking hours are tedious and dull, but whose dreams are lucid and powerful.

Dream similarities with Heaven Island - VR MMO:

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