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Cubie Adventure, DATA WING, and Blocky Highway are our top selection to play today.

The latest addition in this selection are Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump released the 7 February 2019 and ranked #17, Chill Out released the 24 July 2018 and ranked #38, Fancy Skiing 2: Online released the 13 July 2018 and ranked #46.

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This suggestion collection includes cute casual racing games for Android, PS4 (Playstation 4), PC Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list.

Logo of the video game Color Road!

Roll to the ball which has the same color!. Avoid the ball which has different color.

Tags associated with Color Road!: casualarcaderacingendlessadventurecute

2# DATA WING - 2017


Intuitive two-touch controls with an arcade feel Sleek racing with a focus on thrusting off walls A +2 hour story with over 40 levels A competitive crown system. Featuring: luxury elite, 18 Carat Affair, ESPRIT , t e l e p a t h , Eyeliner and NxxxxxS DATA WING is the solo passion-project of Dan Vogt; a 15-year veteran of the games industry.

DATA WING similarities with Color Road!:

3# Blocky Highway - 2015


Blocky Highway is about racing traffic, avoiding trains, collecting cars and most importantly having fun. Key Features - Gorgeous voxel art graphics - 3 worlds to choose from - 45 different vehicles to drive - Crash time - 9 car collections to complete - 3 game modes - Endless easy mode for kids - Missions - GameCenter Leaderboards - Achievements Please leave a rating and give your feedback so we can further improve the game.

Blocky Highway similarities with Color Road!:

4# Big Bang Racing - 2016


- Drive in tens of thousands of player created levels - Ride with two badass vehicles Dirtbike and Offroad Car - Collect upgrades, treasures and fun new items - Create and Share your own tracks - Race against real players from all over the world - Team up, beat other teams in Weekly Seasons and get awesome prizes - Climb the ranks in global & local leaderboards - Customize your character with cool hats Facebook: https://www.

Big Bang Racing similarities with Color Road!:

5# Sparkwave - 2016


The objective of the Sparkwave is to go the greatest distance while avoiding obstacles, at the same time staying on the 'track'. Crystals are collected in order to unlock new 'sparks' and purchase items, which can simplify or enhance gameplay. Features: Gorgeous hex art style Variable tracks and obstacles Multiple unlockable sparks to customize your ship Great original music by Evan Gipson

Sparkwave similarities with Color Road!:

6# Brickies - 2015


Brickies is a fresh take on the classic breakout game, with fast paced levels that will leave you thirsty for more action. In Brickies missing a shot doesnt mean the game is over, it deactivates the ball until you bounce it again and then youre back in action! Explode, shoot and cut your way through over one hundred levels featuring, action, puzzles and tricky bosses.

Brickies similarities with Color Road!:

7# Mmm Fingers 2 - 2017

Screenshot of the video game Mmm Fingers 2
Screenshot of the video game Mmm Fingers 2
Screenshot of the video game Mmm Fingers 2

How long can you protect your fingers from the hungry monsters?! Dont lift your finger or hit anything with teeth or else CHOMP, it is game over. - Leaderboards and Achievements - Easy to use one-touch portrait gameplay

Mmm Fingers 2 similarities with Color Road!:

9# Risky Rescue - 2015


Risky Rescue is a demanding arcade game with flat design graphics and innovative controls. Fly a helicopter and do dangerous missions rescuing people.

Risky Rescue similarities with Color Road!:

10# FoxyLand - 2017


Jump and dodge past challenging enemies and traps while collecting gems and cherries across 36 levels. Dress up Foxy by purchasing additional accessories for him using the cherries you collect on your journey! Online features require an account and are subject to terms of service and applicable privacy policy (playstationnetwork.com/terms-of-service & playstationnetwork.com/privacy-policy).

FoxyLand similarities with Color Road!:

11# Bullet Boy - 2015


Meet Bullet Boy, the courageous kid who rushes to escape a deadly tornado, while he tries to collect the missing pieces of some very mysterious, and fascinating statues. You'll spend hours engaged in the action and the challenge of lots of levels, with randomly generated sections, and exciting progression along the whole game. Unlock awesome power-ups to increase the fun and the possibilities of blasting your way through this peculiar and beautiful world.

Bullet Boy similarities with Color Road!:

12# Maximum Car - 2016


Fun is a word that will continue to roll around in your head every time you play Maximum Car 4/5 Gamezebo Battle your way to victory, complete missions or enjoy the slow mo takedown cams as you explode fellow racers with missiles - perhaps from the comfort of an Ice Cream Van. MAXIMUM CAR is an Ancient Games d.s production and the lovechild of award winning animation duo tea&cheese (8-BIT WATERSLIDE) and legendarily bearded indie game developer Nicoll Hunt (I Fight Bears / FIST OF AWESOME).

Maximum Car similarities with Color Road!:

14# Smashy Road: Arena - 2016


Race through the 8 different environments and escape the POLICE, the FBI, the SWAT the ARMY JEEPS and the TANKS! Smashy Road is free to play but some game items can also be purchased for real money.

Smashy Road: Arena similarities with Color Road!:

16# Daytona Rush - 2015


Save fuel by drafting to reach the pitstop and refuel. Unlock faster high level cars and drive further! Change colour and paint jobs to suit your taste.

Daytona Rush similarities with Color Road!:

17# Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump - 2016


On the way youll find rare chests and piatas filled with tons of cute costumes to dress your character and thousands of objects to decorate your house! Special monthly offers, virtual pets and gifts will be added with holidays updates: St. Patrick, Easter, Summer, New Year and other limited time events!.

Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump similarities with Color Road!:

19# God Simulator - 2016


God simulator is game wherein you are is god. In this game you are have your own world. You are can create animals and humans. You are can change your own world e.g. add trees, rocks, mountains and lakes. If you are want can make rain, fog, dust storm etc. In the game you are should take care of people.

God Simulator similarities with Color Road!:

20# Traffic Race 3D 2 - 2018


The goal of this game is to make it easy and fast to run on any device (Mobile, PC, Tablet). Weve added the opportunity for you to switch camera mode between Chase, Helicopter or cockpit view so you really feel that you are driving a real car.

Traffic Race 3D 2 similarities with Color Road!:

21# Flappy Galaxy - 2017


Flappy galaxy is a classic game in a enhanced and futuristic environnement. This game is easy to pick up but hard to master. will you accept the challenge?

Flappy Galaxy similarities with Color Road!:

23# Store Simulator 2018 - 2018

Screenshot of the video game Store Simulator 2018
Screenshot of the video game Store Simulator 2018
Screenshot of the video game Store Simulator 2018

Store Simulator 2018 see's you doing what you do on Steam, You will start off with a single game. Earn money to buy games. There are a total of 5 games in this 1 game! Neat right?. Get to playing, earning money, buying games and earning achievements!. Read full description for all the details.

Store Simulator 2018 similarities with Color Road!:

24# The Collider 2 - 2016


Destroy the colossal mothership looming over the planet and save your homeworld! With a fleet of high-tech starfighters at your disposal, take on a series of suicidal missions to destroy the alien invader from the inside.

The Collider 2 similarities with Color Road!:

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