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Dancing Line Free, Peter Panic, and Air Supply - SOS Save Our Sheep are our top selection to play today.

The latest addition in this selection are Miami Cruise released the 31 December 2018 and ranked #13, From the Sky released the 2 August 2018 and ranked #5, ARENA 3D released the 7 February 2018 and ranked #4.

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Use your magical ball & paddle to save breakfast from the clutches of the evil demon Howdy through endless waves of possessed waffles! * A fresh new visual style & full original soundtrack by Pete Ellison (designer of Bibimbap Friends, Donut Ghost, ex-producer of record label Disko Warp). "The marriage of pre-teen, super-happy, kawaii utopia and a nostalgic love for syrupy pancakes is the aesthetic i didnt know I needed until I started playing."

1# Dancing Line Free - 2016


Listening carefully to the Magic Play Music, and it will guide a Slither Snake through a changing color Maze switch for you. Tap the screen and Dash to make a sharp steer and to ZigZag the Geometry Line, avoiding obstacles and reach to the Temple before you can see. Tap the screen to make a sharp turn, avoiding obstacles and reacting to the World changing before your eyes.

Dancing Line Free similarities with #breakforcist:

2# Peter Panic - 2016


Pack peanuts, accidentally worship demons and save the theater in this fully original mobile musical! Put your fingers to the test by performing dozens of challenging mini games to convince the local weirdos to join the cause. - A full Broadway musical for your pocket - Save your local theater with rapid-fire mini game challenges - Fully original book, lyrics and score performed by a full cast - Features Broadway talent from Fun Home, Hair, The Little Mermaid, Motown, Spring Awakening and On Your Feet!

Peter Panic similarities with #breakforcist:

3# Air Supply - SOS Save Our Sheep - 2014


PocketGamer, 8/10 - "A bright combination of retro arcade gameplay and modern flourishes, Air Supply - SOS will leave you gasping for more. " 5/5 - "Air Supply SOS is a sure bet for some quick gaming goodness, but dont be surprised if you find it hard to put down. "

Air Supply - SOS Save Our Sheep similarities with #breakforcist:

5# From the Sky - 2018


From The Sky tells the adventures of two sisters Yuki and Karma, who travel through time and space through the portal. From the Jurassic world to world wars, from ocean to space. But nothing is safe, for each world there are different dangerous obstacles, let's help them overcome obstacles safely.

From the Sky similarities with #breakforcist:

7# Neon Drive - '80s style arcade game - 2015


Neon Drive will put your mad dodging skills to a real test, mercilessly pushing the limits of your reaction time and short-term memory to avoid obstacles and dead-ends. Watch the landscape seamlessly morph from one scene to the next, in a ballet of colors and shapes, and let your inner driver take the wheel. Features: * 7 levels, hundreds of obstacles, and infinite challenge * Breathtakingly beautiful and silky-smooth retina graphics * Custom-made retro synth music, perfectly in sync with the obstacles * Super addictive (Neon Drivers Anonymous support group available upon request ;-)) * Includes exploding enemy spaceships, seriously!

Neon Drive - '80s style arcade game similarities with #breakforcist:

8# BEATris - 2017

Screenshot of the video game BEATris
Screenshot of the video game BEATris
Screenshot of the video game BEATris

Early Access

BEATris is a puzzle-based rhythm game. Feel the rhythm as you bash the blocks with the power of music! Enjoy various levels with unique soundtracks. Make and share your own level on Steam Workshop.

BEATris similarities with #breakforcist:

9# Jump! Jump! Jump! - 2017


Jump! Jump! Jump! is a score based platformer game, it required all your reflexes and concentration to beat the highest score and collect coins to unlock new character!

Jump! Jump! Jump! similarities with #breakforcist:

10# Intake - 2013


Intake is the new retro-futuristic drugstep arcade shooter from Cipher Prime. In this polychromatic love child of Dr. Mario and Ikaruga, you battle a never-ending barrage of pills, pushing your skill and reflexes to the limit to avoid a lethal dosage.

Intake similarities with #breakforcist:

11# Rockstars of Ooo - Adventure Time Rhythm Game - 2015


Explore some of your favorite Adventure Time moments, including BMO Noire, Fionna and Cake, Wizard Battle, Marcelines henchmen, and Party Pat in the Belly of the Beast! This game is available in the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish (Latin American), Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese For users residing in the EU or other countries outside the U.S., please note that this app may use persistent identifiers for game management purposes.

Rockstars of Ooo - Adventure Time Rhythm Game similarities with #breakforcist:

12# QbQbQb - 2014


Co-op or single player arcade game full of delightful music. Designed to bring casual and hardcore players together.

QbQbQb similarities with #breakforcist:

13# Miami Cruise - 2018

Screenshot of the video game Miami Cruise
Screenshot of the video game Miami Cruise
Screenshot of the video game Miami Cruise

Early Access

Miami Cruise is a game inspired by retrowave aesthetics. Take a ride, and chill out.

Miami Cruise similarities with #breakforcist:

14# Air Supply - Infinite - 2013


Armed with a limited supply of Smart Bombs, and dwindling air, Sam must jump over enemies, avoid UFO tractor beams and handle asteroids as he searches for the legendary Infinity Cups! Careful use of Smart Bombs is essential when exploring the 8 locations that are host to the Infinity Cups

Air Supply - Infinite similarities with #breakforcist:

15# HEX: 99 - Mercilessly Difficult, Daringly Addictive! - 2014


Its also incredibly difficult, sometimes to an almost absurd degree that will leave you in fits of rage over the inadequacies of your puny human reflexes, but without ever crossing that line in the sand that separates being challenging and being unfair." To get there requires lightning fast reflexes, monstrous patience and unwavering persistence (and just a little bit of chalk). Vibrant colors, hypnotic graphics and thumping music are combined artfully in an elegant package.

HEX: 99 - Mercilessly Difficult, Daringly Addictive! similarities with #breakforcist:

16# Dropchord - 2013


Dropchord is a music-driven, score challenge game with mesmerizing visuals and an original electronic soundtrack! Influenced by music visualizers and score attack arcade games, Dropchord is an original experience that'll test your dexterity while providing endless fun!

Dropchord similarities with #breakforcist:

17# Groove Vortex - 2013

Screenshot of the video game Groove Vortex
Screenshot of the video game Groove Vortex
Screenshot of the video game Groove Vortex

Groove Vortex is a new infinite action game with vibrant visuals and an original electronic soundtrack. Get the original soundtrack on iTunes!

Groove Vortex similarities with #breakforcist:

18# Mister Frog! - 2012


Hit more than 3 bugs in one drag to get a combo bonus score, hit more than 3 same color bugs will get you an even bigger bonus! Use freeze bugs, time bonuses and double score multipliers to get that high score!

Mister Frog! similarities with #breakforcist:

20# Halcyon - 2010


* A Unique Action Puzzle Game * Halcyon is named for the mythological bird of ancient Greece, said to charm the winds and seas into a calm during the Winter Solstice. * A Generative Musical Instrument * Halcyon features a complete generative soundtrack that becomes an instrument when you play the game.

Halcyon similarities with #breakforcist:

21# pop'n music - 2009


A variety of customization features: Choose from a variety of recorded sounds such as clapping or percussion sounds. Assortment of licensed and original music to play with your friends!

pop'n music similarities with #breakforcist:

22# High School Musical: Sing It! - 2007


With “High School Musical: Sing It!,” players express themselves through music with an all-new karaoke twist where they can choose their favorite “High School Musical” character and sing all of the songs from “High School Musical” and “High School Musical 2”.

High School Musical: Sing It! similarities with #breakforcist:

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